Pennsylvania Gov Josh Shapiro Wants “Opportunities for All God’s Children,” But Supports Abortion

State   |   Maria Gallagher   |   Mar 7, 2023   |   7:03PM   |   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

It is so curious how pro-abortion politicians think.

During his Tuesday budget address, Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro said he wanted to “create opportunities for all of God’s children.”

But that pledge does not include children in the womb.

For, toward the end of his lengthy speech, the 48th Governor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania indicated that, as long as he is governor, abortion—the taking of an innocent human life—will remain legal in Pennsylvania.

I do not for the life of me understand the Governor’s math. “All” should mean “everyone”—and yet, he draws an artificial line between the babies in the womb and the babies outside the womb, when it comes to protection of life. Without the right to life, a child cannot enjoy any opportunities in the Keystone State.

Gov. Shapiro says one in seven children in Pennsylvania does not have enough to eat. He is proposing free breakfast to every child in Pennsylvania public schools. Yet, his policies would allow the full-scale elimination of preborn children.

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The pro-abortion politician faces a stiff head wind in the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans. During the campaign, he had said he supports current Pennsylvania law on abortion. If he decides instead to try to expand abortion, he will not only be breaking his promise to voters—he will also be facing serious opposition in the state Senate.

The fact of the matter is that none of us can claim we are “for the children” unless we advocate for the lives of unborn babies. They have separate DNA from their mothers and, fairly early in their development, they have beating hearts and detectable brain waves. They are part of our humanity, and they deserve to be shielded from harm by our top public officials.

It is a tragedy that Pennsylvania’s current Governor cannot see that. Note: Maria Gallagher is the Legislative Director and Political Action Committee Director for the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and she has written and reported for various broadcast and print media outlets, including National Public Radio, CBS Radio, and AP Radio.