Five Women Sue Texas With False Claims That Abortion Ban Put Their Lives at Risk

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 7, 2023   |   12:15PM   |   Austin, Texas

A new lawsuit from five Texas mothers challenges the life-saving state abortion ban, arguing that the law does not clearly allow abortions when women’s lives are at risk.

Their case, led by the Center for Reproductive Rights, is part of an on-going attempt by the pro-abortion movement to claim pro-life laws put women’s lives in jeopardy when the opposite is true.

Pro-life laws save unborn babies’ lives and protect mothersEvery abortion restriction includes clear exceptions that allow miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy care as well as abortions in the rare cases when a mother’s life is at risk. Many doctors, legal analyses and experts confirm this, but abortion activists’ lies persist and many doctors say it’s these lies, not the laws, that are putting women’s lives in danger.

According to Axios, the lawsuit claims the Texas abortion ban prevented five women from having abortions when their lives were at risk until it was almost too late. The case asks a judge to clarify that the law allows exceptions when the mother’s life is at risk.

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One of the women, Amanda Zurawski, said she recently suffered complications while pregnant with her first child, according to the Daily Beast. Because her unborn baby still had a heartbeat, she said doctors told her that they could not perform an abortion, and she developed sepsis.

“Because of the law, I very nearly died,” Zurawski told NBC News. “Nothing about this is pro-life.”

Texas Right to Life expressed sympathy for the women, saying their doctors should have and could have provided them with proper medical care under the law. The pro-life group blamed the media and major medical organizations for staying silent instead of correcting the dangerous lies that abortion activists are spreading.

“These doctors misunderstood or were mislead on Texas law,” the organization responded. “… If a doctor delays treating a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or acting in a medical emergency, that is medical malpractice and completely inconsistent with Texas pro-life laws.”

But the women’s lawsuit does not sue their medical providers; it sues the state of Texas.

Here’s more from the Daily Beast:

The 91-page complaint on behalf of the five women that asks the court to clarify if doctors can make exceptions to the state’s abortion ban under certain conditions states that the law has caused “catastrophic harms” and that the case represents “the tip of the iceberg,” per the NYT.

It states that “millions” of people nationwide have been “denied dignified treatment as equal human beings” due to such laws.

Abortions deny dignified treatment to human beings: babies in the womb, and abortion activists are desperately trying to get rid of laws that protect them, resorting to lies and fear mongering to do it.

Every pro-life law allows life-saving medical care for mothers.

The Texas abortion ban, for example, permits abortions when “in the exercise of reasonable medical judgment, the pregnant female on whom the abortion is performed, induced, or attempted has a life-threatening physical condition aggravated by, caused by, or arising from a pregnancy that places the female at risk of death or poses a serious risk of substantial impairment of a major bodily function unless the abortion is performed or induced.”

The law also states, “Medical treatment provided to the pregnant female by a licensed physician that results in the accidental or unintentional injury or death of the unborn child does not constitute a violation of this section.”

Doctors, including Planned Parenthood abortionists, also have confirmed that pro-life laws allow treatment for ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages and situations where the mother’s life is at risk.

“My heart is breaking that women are being made to feel fearful by the misinformation that’s out there,” said Dr. Christina Francis, CEO of the American Association of Pro-Life OB-GYNs last year. “As a pro-life OB/GYN who’s practiced my entire career in hospitals that do not allow abortions, I have never been prevented from safely treating an ectopic pregnancy.”