Pregnancy Centers Tell Women the Truth: Abortions Kill Babies and Can Kill or Injure Women

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 27, 2023   |   1:57PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life pregnancy resource centers serve as havens of information and support for pregnant mothers and unborn babies, bucking against a society that claims killing unborn babies in abortions is safe, normal and good.

At these community-based charities, women learn that there are risks to abortion. They learn about their unborn baby’s development and receive financial and emotional support. And these organizations provide evidence-based information that women may not learn anywhere else, especially not at an abortion facility.

But because they share the truth, pregnancy centers have become a target of attacks, from arson and vandalismto legislationto media hit pieces and slanderous pro-abortion campaigns.

The Independent published one such attack piece this week, pointing to weak claims that pregnancy centers “manipulate” women and provide “false” information.

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As one example, the newspaper reported about an undercover journalist who visited a pregnancy center in London and was told that “’some [women] will bleed to death’ if they get a pregnancy terminated.”

However, this is true. According to medical records, an Illinois woman named Tonya Reaves, 24, hemorrhaged (bled) to death after an abortion at a Planned Parenthood in the Chicago area in 2012. Reaves’ tragic death is just one of many examples.

Other allegedly “false medical information with no scientific basis by crisis pregnancy centres” included the risks of breast cancer, mental health problems and infertility.

To back up its claims against pregnancy centers, the Independent quoted an abortionist named Jonathan Lord – a biased source who makes money aborting unborn babies and loses money when pro-life charities help mothers choose life for their babies.

“There is no increased risk of serious mental illness, infertility or breast cancer after an abortion,” said Lord, the medical director of MSI Reproductive Choices UK, an abortion chain. “These centres are set up to target women who are struggling with their decision, and then give them false advice to try to sway them away from an abortion.”

Abortion activists frequently deny such risks, but they almost never mention what the risks of abortion actually are. No procedure is risk-free. It’s pregnancy resource centers that are telling women about the risks backed up by studies.

For example, several studies have found a higher suicide rate among women who have abortions compared to women who give birth.

One large-scale study of women’s health records, published in 1996 in the British Medical Journal, found that the suicide rate among women who had undergone abortions in the prior year was three times higher compared to women in the general population and six times higher compared to women who gave birth.

Infertility is another risk. A number of studies and even Planned Parenthood’s website says abortion risks include “infection and injury to the cervix, uterus or other organs.” These things can cause infertility.

Other research links abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer. One study in India found the breast cancer risk for Indian women who have had prior abortions is five and a half times higher than for women who have not.

Pro-life pregnancy centers are providing women with real information and support. They are not pretending that there are no risks to pregnancy or abortion. They are not selling women anything or denying the humanity of their unborn babies. They are telling women the truth about abortion and their babies, and offering support them through their struggles.