Patients are Increasingly Starved to Death, Withdrawal of Food and Water Called “Medical Care”

Opinion   |   Bobby Schindler   |   Feb 20, 2023   |   10:22AM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, there has been a flurry of American writers commenting on MAID, the acronym for medical assistance in dying (government sanctioned doctor assisted suicide) in Canada. These articles are a reaction to Canadian lawmakers who are contemplating whether they should permit doctor assisted suicide for minors.

Here in the U.S., there are 10 states and Washington, DC that have doctor assisted suicide laws after Oregon became the first state to legalize it in 1994. Having fought against anti-life enthusiasts for over 20 years, I sincerely thought assisted suicide proponents would have had more success by now. But because of a well-organized coalition of individuals and groups working together, including the disability community, much of this pro-death agenda has been prevented – at least for the time being.

However, what often gets overlooked is that assisted suicide is only one of the arsenals in the culture-of-death toolchest that is used to end the lives of those who are medically vulnerable – either physically or mentally.

If you are one of the relatively few who have been paying attention to this issue and the expanding number of changes in the laws and the policies in healthcare, then you are quite familiar with how susceptible patients are to being denied their autonomy, resulting in their medical care being withdrawn.

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Consider the revisions that have taken place that can be traced back for decades. The administration of food and water via feeding tubes used to be recognized as ordinary care. Today, it has been redefined as medical treatment and now it is legal in all 50 states to have this most basic right either denied or withdrawn.

Imposing ‘futile care policies’ on patients to stop treatment is common. (These futile care decisions are typically made by unaccountable ethics committees that recommend whether a patient should continue to receive medical care.)

The determination of brain death is a diagnosis that is many times too quickly asserted allowing a patient’s organs to be harvested. The subjective, and therefore unreliable persistent vegetative state (PVS) diagnosis is placed on those with brain injuries to discourage necessary long-term care, but even more disturbing is that it qualifies the patient to have their treatment stopped.

Arbitrary placement of a DNR (do not resuscitate order) on patients without their consent is allowed. And a somewhat newer method of prescribed death that is being practiced, ‘terminal sedation,’ which is being performed by administrating drugs like morphine with the intent of ending a patient’s life.

These are some of the medical atrocities that are happening in healthcare – a form of social engineering – used to eliminate those who are ‘bankrupting’ its financial resources. Government bureaucrats and other forces – including the insurance industry – view today’s healthcare landscape as an impossible struggle to contain cost, so absent any serious legislative undertaking, protecting our medically defenseless population from these types of anti-life policies is futile.

Consequently, we must protect ourselves from these godless and faceless decision makers. There are basic but critically important ways you and your family can protect yourselves. A good start is to make certain you have a trusted pro-life doctor who recognizes our God given human dignity and acts accordingly towards you and your family.

Perhaps more importantly, however, is appointing a health care agent in a healthcare durable power of attorney. MyLifeAngels (MLA), a new concept created exclusively to protect you and your family, helps ensure that your family will receive the life-affirming care you desire.

MLA starts by helping you choose your health care agent, and then creates your state-specific Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney and securely stores it and other legal documents in their digital vault available anytime and anywhere on your smartphone.

MyLifeAngels’ patent pending solution immediately notifies your loved ones if you enter a hospital emergency room and gives them immediate access to your protective documents and information. It also alerts ER staff to key information, such as allergies to medications and health conditions, and provides your health care agent and Care Circle contact information.

It has been over 17 years since my family established the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network to serve as patient advocates, aiding families who are in crisis when their loved ones are confronted with the denial or withdrawal of treatment. We established this non-profit organization in response to the 2005 court ordered starvation and dehydration death of my sister, Terri Schiavo.

Since our inception, we have been involved in more than 4,000 cases. I could have never anticipated the types of agonizing calls we would receive from families whose loved ones are being sentenced to death by the people charged with caring for them.

After almost two-decades of working to help patients receive the care they deserve, it has become clear that medical decisions have shifted from patients and family members to outsiders – effectively strangers – when patients have not legally appointed a health care agent prior to a medical crisis.

I firmly believe that if MyLifeAngels was available when my sister Terri experienced her unexplained accident, because of the discord that had developed in her volatile marriage, there is no doubt she would have chosen my parents as her legal guardians and avoided having to be barbarically put to death by her estranged husband.

We need to fully understand the times in which we live; that together with our three government branches, academia, the corporate media, Hollywood, our Churches, and even today’s collegiate and professional sports, the healthcare industry has also been infiltrated by extremists who are hostile to a Judeo-Christian belief system.

In this intensifying secularized world, the respect for the sacredness of life, traditional family values, and common decency are collapsing, and it is now our responsibility to safeguard ourselves and defend our loved ones.

We need to accept the fact that there may be a situation where you will have to confront this medical apparatus and literally fight for your life, your children’s lives, or another family member’s life.