Mike Pence: Protect Unborn Babies and “Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 18, 2023   |   9:48AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are treating it as a “gotcha” moment, but former Vice President Mike Pence’s recent comments about banning abortion pills affirm his commitment to protecting unborn babies.

The pro-abortion blog Jezebel ran an article this week about “new leaked audio” of the Republican leader confirming that he believes “we need to” ban abortion drugs nationwide.

Pence has been a dedicated pro-life advocate for many years, working at both the state and national level to protect unborn babies’ right to life. So his comment was not surprising.

According to the blog, Pence spoke about protecting unborn babies Monday in response to a question about abortion pills during a book signing event in Houston, Texas.

“I’m pro-life, and I think that’s a real issue and it’s really dangerous. Really dangerous,” Pence replied.

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The man pressed Pence, asking, “I think you can ban them though, don’t you think?”

Pence replied: “You can, and we need to. We need to.”

He also referred the man to his daughter Charlotte Pence Bond’s articles at The Daily Wire. Like her father, Pence Bond is actively involved in the pro-life movement.

Abortion activists are panicking about the future availability of abortion pills. Right now, a federal judge is considering a lawsuit from four medical groups that challenges the FDA approval of mifepristone as an abortion drug. The medical organizations accused the agency of ignoring evidence of safety problems and failing to properly study the risks.

The drug mifepristone, typically used with a second drug, misoprostol, now is used for more than half of all abortions in the U.S. every year, or nearly half a million unborn babies, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

The FDA has linked mifepristone to at least 28 women’s deaths and 4,000 serious complications between 2000 and 2018. However, under President Barack Obama, the FDA stopped requiring that non-fatal complications from mifepristone be reported. So the numbers almost certainly are much higher.

Pence has been working to protect unborn babies from abortion for many years, including as governor of Indiana and vice president of the United States under President Donald Trump.

Last year, Pence celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade, calling it perhaps the “most consequential legacy” of the Trump administration.

“… to have been part of an administration that gave the American people this new beginning for life is something I’ll cherish the rest of my life,” Pence told NBC host Chuck Todd in November.

Since the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling in June, 14 states have banned abortions and more are expected to do the same this year. Research estimates state pro-life laws saved as many as 10,000 unborn babies’ lives in just the first three months.