Catholic Archbishop: Joe Biden’s Promotion of Abortion is “Betraying the Faith”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 15, 2023   |   12:12PM   |   Washington, DC

Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput called out President Joe Biden again for his radical pro-abortion advocacy, saying the U.S. leader is caving to the pressures of the world rather than following church teachings about the sanctity of human life.

Speaking last week with ACI Prensa, a Spanish language Catholic news outlet, Chaput said many politicians and church leaders fall sway to the temptations of the world.

“People choose it because it’s the easy and materially rewarding path,” he said. “We all struggle with a desire to imitate ‘the world.’ It’s been a temptation since the devil offered to give the world to Jesus.”

The archbishop emeritus of Philadelphia, Chaput said politicians like Biden compromise their beliefs about what is right to maintain their powerful roles in society.

“It’s especially tempting for leaders like bishops and priests in the church, and politicians in the secular order. Catholic political leaders ignore or betray the faith all the time to please their constituencies and stay in power,” he continued.

“… we saw it just recently in the annual State of the Union speech, where a ‘Catholic’ President Biden promised to support full access to abortion at any time,” Chaput told ACI Prensa.

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Biden professes to be a devout Catholic, but his pro-abortion actions contradict Christian teachings about the sanctity of human life. He supports aborting unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth and wants to force taxpayers to pay for their deaths – which is not only a violation of his faith but also of the religious and moral beliefs of tens of millions of other Americans.

Asked how to bring about reform, Chaput told the news outlet that change must begin with individuals.

“Structures and policies are important, but people are decisive. In a sense, the focus of real Church reform is always the same: you and me. It’s that simple, and also that difficult. No one really likes to change, because it’s hard. And the essence of conversion is a sea change in the way we think and live,” he said.

“Christians are meant to be different from and other than the ways of the world. So if we want to reform the Church, we first need to reform ourselves,” the archbishop said.

The Catholic Church teaches that every human being is valuable from conception to natural death, and destroying a human being who is made in the image of God by abortion, assisted suicide or other means is evil.

Catholic leaders like Chaput have been speaking out against Biden’s pro-abortion actions for years, with some saying the president should be denied communion unless he repents.

Recently, Biden ended long-standing safety requirements for abortion drugs and began allowing pharmacies to sell them. His administration wants to force VA hospitals to do abortions even in states where killing unborn babies is illegal and wants to force taxpayers to fund abortion travel for military members and their families who live in pro-life states.

According to Bloomberg, the Democrat leader also wants to weaken religious freedom protections for pro-life doctors and nurses by changing “a Trump-era rule that observers say would make it more difficult for providers to decline offering abortions due to religious objections.”