No, Being a Mother is Not Slavery

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 14, 2023   |   1:43PM   |   Washington, DC

A bizarre new legal case from U.S. abortion activists claims pregnant mothers are slaves to their unborn babies unless the law allows them to be aborted.

Responding at The Federalist this week, Nathanael Blake of the Ethics and Public Policy Center said the pro-abortion argument is nothing short of insane, but a federal judge is considering it anyway.

In the case, Blake said abortion activists argue that there is a constitutional right to abortion under the 13th Amendment. They contend that pregnancy is slavery, and women have a right to abort their unborn babies if they do not want their child using their body.

“It is madness to regard a developing human in the womb as an intrusive stranger with no claim upon a woman,” Blake wrote. “It is crazy to believe that the ordinary, natural processes of human reproduction are the moral and legal equivalent of slavery.”

Despite its absurdity, he said U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, a Bill Clinton appointee, is considering the argument.

On the surface, Blake said he can understand why some people might initially agree, because pregnancy and childbirth are difficult and women alone bear children.

However, he said the abortion activists making the argument fail to consider the “moral truth” that a mother is responsible for caring for her child.

“Contrary to the claims of abortion advocates, the mother must provide for the child in her womb precisely because only she, and no one else, can do so,” he continued. Later, he added that life itself is “filled with relationships and consequent moral obligations and demands that we did not choose.”

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Blake expressed pity for the people who think of pregnancy as slavery because it means they have a warped view of their own bodies.

“This is a miserable way to live. Someone who regards his or her natural, healthy body as a prison cannot be happy,” he said. “Judges and scholars who equate motherhood and slavery reveal far more about the hardness of their hearts than they do about the law.”

Since the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, abortion activists have been trying new legal strategies to make killing unborn babies in abortions legal nationwide again. These include court battles over pro-life laws, bills in Congress and efforts to amend state constitutions to create a right to abort unborn babies.