Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Wants to Spend $2 Million to Kill Babies in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 9, 2023   |   4:08PM   |   Hartford, Connecticut

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed budget would dump even more of taxpayers’ money into the billion-dollar abortion industry.

Lamont, a pro-abortion Democrat, released his two-year budget proposal Wednesday with a plan to spend $2 million to help pregnant mothers come to Connecticut to abort their unborn babies, according to the Republican American.

Abortions are legal with very few restrictions in Connecticut, and Planned Parenthood of Southern New England spokesperson Gretchen Raffa said they have seen more women traveling there from other states for abortions in recent months, the newspaper reports.

Currently, 14 states protect unborn babies by banning or strictly limiting abortions, and more are fighting in court to do the same. Pro-life advocates estimate these laws are saving tens of thousands of unborn babies’ lives.

However, Lamont’s budget plan attempts to reverse the trend by setting aside $2 million to pay for transportation, hotel rooms and other expenses for women from pro-life states to travel to Connecticut for abortions.

ACTION ALERT: To oppose this abortion funding, Contact Connecticut state lawmakersContact Gov. Ned Lamont.

Last year, the governor claimed Connecticut is the “most family-friendly state in America” while bragging about its “strong” pro-abortion laws in a letter to business owners.

“Customers and employees alike will be attracted to states that protect reproductive rights for all,” Lamont told businesses.

This winter, the state legislature also is considering bills to expand killing unborn babies in abortions.

Here’s more from the report:

In a related development, legislation was introduced Wednesday to seek a federal Medicaid waiver to provide abortion services to low-income residents of other states with abortion bans and restrictions. The proposal was one of several initiatives that pro-abortion rights legislators announced two weeks ago.

In 2019, 9,202 unborn babies were aborted in Connecticut, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, more than 64 million unborn babies and hundreds of mothers have died in supposedly “safe,” legal abortions. The infamous ruling forces states to legalize abortions for any reason up to viability and allows abortions for any reason up to birth.

Last June, however, in the historic Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, the justices overturned Roe and allowed states to protect unborn babies from abortion again.

ACTION ALERT: To oppose this abortion funding, Contact Connecticut state lawmakersContact Gov. Ned Lamont.