Virginia House Passes Three Pro-Life Bills, Protects Babies Who Survive Abortions

State   |   Olivia Gans Turner   |   Feb 8, 2023   |   11:23AM   |   Richmond, Virginia

Three important bills to provide protection to pregnant women and girls as well a bill to ensure that babies who survive an abortion receive life saving care all passed from the House of Delegates today.

The bills are:
HB 1795 Born Alive Abortion Survivors Bill (Delegate Nick Freitas)
HB 2270 Informed Consent (Delegate Karen Greenhalgh)
HB 2476 Creation of a website to provide information about pregnancy support services (Delegate Tara Durant)

All three passed the full House of Delegates along party lines, 52-47.

These bills must now go to the Virginia Senate to be voted on in Committee. If they pass the full Senate they will be signed into law by Virginia’s pro-life Governor, Glen Youngkin.
Each of these bills advances the goals of the pro-life movement by providing vitally important information to women and teens before they make a life and death decision about a pregnancy, and respects the life of babies who do sometimes survive the horrors of an abortion attempt in the later weeks of pregnancy. None of these bills prevent anyone from getting an abortion. Overwhelmingly public opinion supports rational laws like these.

The extremism of the pro-abortion majority in the Senate against reasonable bills like these has been on display since the beginning of the 2023 General Assembly session. Only a few weeks ago Sen. Louise Lucas, D-18, boasted about killing the Governor’s bill to protect babies who can feel pain in the womb. It is likely that these three bills will also meet with the same hostility. In fact, many in the Virginia Senate have voiced their opposition to efforts to pass any new pro-life laws.

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Virginians must not forget this extremism at the polls this autumn in the 2023 General Assembly elections.

Dangerous Bills passed by the State Senate

HB 1243 Prohibits extradition of individuals who obtain abortion services (Senator Scott Surovell)

This bill is an example of the manipulation and scare tactics being used by radical pro-abortion groups and legislators like Senator Surovell to frighten the public.

This bill is a solution looking for a problem. VSHL and 75 other national pro-life groups have made it clear that they have no intention of seeking criminal charges against women and will oppose any new laws that seek to punish women who have abortions. Hopefully the members of the House will see through this deceptive bill and reject it after crossover.

SJ 255 The “Right to Abortion” Amendment (Senators Jennifer McClellan and Jennifer Boysko)

Following a half an hour of debate on the floor of the Senate, the pro-abortion members prevailed in passing their dangerous proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution.

The debate was vigorous with pro-life Senators taking to the floor to point out the extremist nature of the amendment that supporters say will enshrine Roe v Wade in Virginia law.

Senators Steve Newman, Mark Peake, Richard Stuart, and David Suetterlein all quoted from the amendment resolution highlighting the radical nature of the resolution that would prohibit virtually any reasonable limits on abortions and even allow abortion up to birth.

Senator Siobhan Dunnavant quoted recent polls that prove clearly that most Americans and Virginians want to see reasonable laws passed to prevent abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Senator Amanda Chase reminded her fellow Senators that every abortion decision denied the right to life of the baby who dies.

Shockingly, two of the patrons of the amendment, Senators Jennifer Boysko and Jennifer McClellan, admitted that for them life begins at birth and not before! That sentiment is shared by far too many pro-abortion members of the General Assembly.

Sadly the “Right to Abortion “ Amendment resolution passed 21 to 18 on party lines. Sen. Joe Morrissey did not vote. This bill will now go to the House of Delegates where it is hoped that a pro-life majority can stop it this year.

LifeNews Note: Olivia Gans Turner is the founder and director of American Victims of Abortion. She had an abortion herself in 1981.