Joe Biden Wants Abortions Up to Birth Across America: “Make No Mistake About It”

Opinion   |   Frank Pavone   |   Feb 8, 2023   |   1:05PM   |   Washington, DC

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Biden used the word “veto” three times. One of them was in regard to abortion:

“Make no mistake about it: If Congress passes a national ban, I will veto it.”

Now no abortion ban will reach the President’s desk from the current divided Congress. But if the Senate were in Republican hands, the bill most likely to get a vote would stop abortions after 15 weeks, which is fine with most Americans.

But not with the Democrat leadership and not with this Administration.

What a refreshing contrast President Trump’s State of the Union addresses provided, when he explicitly called upon Congress to end late-term abortion.

He, like we, expressed the truth that every child is made in the sacred image of God. Our movement holds that no abortion is acceptable.

But while all abortions are equally horrific from a moral vantage point, they are not equally horrific from a pedagogical vantage point.

In other words, it’s easier to convince our fellow citizens that a late-term abortion is wrong than that an abortion obtained from pills they can buy at the local CVS is wrong.

So we start with what is most obvious.

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And the first obstacle we have to overcome is to convince people that late term abortions even occur.

One of the nation’s late-terms abortionists has been Curtis Boyd, who is also an ordained Baptist minister and who has boasted that he did abortions “because” of his faith, not in spite of it.

Still unrepentant, but having handed his abortion practice to other late-term abortionists, he has openly admitted to performing third-trimester abortions.

This admission is gold for the pro-life movement. We have to show our fellow citizens that third-trimester abortion is not some extreme rhetoric proceeding from our own imaginations.

In the tape-recorded phone calls our Priests for Life team made to Boyd’s Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, we hear the voice greeting on their phone advertise for third-trimester “services,” and we also hear an abortion being scheduled on a healthy mom of a healthy baby at 30 weeks:

“Female 2: Okay. So yeah, almost 30. 30. Is there anything wrong with the fetus? 

Female 1: No, there’s not. It’s more just life happening. My husband lost his job. We already have some kids and were planning to continue the pregnancy, but now with our world falling apart we just felt like this was the best way out. 

Female 2: Do you yourself have anything going on medically like asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure? 

Female 1: No.

Female 2: Are you currently taking any medications for any reason? 

Female 1: No. 

Female 2: Well, the doctor has accepted you as a patient. We’ll be scheduling you for Tuesday next week, so we’ll be starting on the 9th –

This is not the only evidence. In a 2019 deposition of Curtis Boyd, he is asked what abortions he provides and answers, “Full range—first, second, and third trimester.”

And Ms. Magazine, in a 2023 article about Boyd, writes,

“Boyd’s Albuquerque clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options, continues to provide abortion care to domestic and international patients. It remains one of the only places where one can legally get a third-trimester abortion.”

Denial is a powerful tool of the abortion industry and a powerful obstacle to moving the American people to help stop abortion.

We need to use evidence like this, daily, repeatedly, and through every available method of communication, to break that denial.

That’s one way people like Curtis Boyd can help us.