Mom of Three Rejects Abortion, Slams Bullies on TikTok Telling Her to Kill Her Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 6, 2023   |   5:36PM   |   Washington, DC

A young mother with three children says she receives hateful comments every day on social media, including people who call her children “animals” and tell her that she should have had an abortion.

According to The Sun, the Arizona mother, who goes by the name Mama Vanity on social media, was 18 years old when her oldest son, Greyson, was born. She also has a daughter, Nalaia, 1, and a son, TJ, 10 months.

Vanity said people online have called her a “terrible” mother and some of her friends have rejected her, but the comments that really hurt are the ones about her children.

“The judgment that I have from online trolls is really ridiculous,” she said. “I ‘should’ve got an abortion.’She ‘looks slow’ and I ‘need to call animal control.’ … I don’t know how they can talk about a baby, a baby that they don’t even know.”

A social media influencer, Vanity told Truly that she posts videos online of herself and her family to encourage other mothers of young children. She admitted that it is “very difficult” to be a young mom of three, but her family supports her, especially her mother, Shannon.

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“Sometimes I do feel like I’m missing out considering that I’m 21 with three kids because most kids my age are in college and partying and living life getting to know themselves, while I’m with three babies,” she said.

However, Vanity said she is taking classes as well as parenting, and her mother babysits when she needs a break.

Other young mothers and mothers of children with disabilities frequently say they receive nasty comments from people online, especially calls to abort their children.