Nurse Shares Shocking Story of Witnessing Abortion: “The Abortionist Literally Had to Rip the Baby Out”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 2, 2023   |   1:43PM   |   Washington, DC

A former New York City nurse broke down in tears as she shared how her former employer forced her to help abort a late-term unborn baby in the operating room one day.

That same day, the nurse walked off the job and never went back, she shared in a new interview with The Daily Signal. The woman spoke about the horrific experience during the Virginia March for Life on Wednesday in Richmond. Thousands participated in the rally, calling on state lawmakers to pass legal protections for babies in the womb.

Speaking with the Signal, the woman recalled the trauma of watching the abortionist as he strained to remove the baby’s body in pieces from the womb.

“I’ll never forget the rib cage of the baby being brought out – I’m sorry,” the woman said, choking back tears.

The nurse never should have been forced to participate. After preparing the operating room, she said she was told that other nurses would be coming to help with the abortion procedure, but they never came. When she requested a replacement, she said her call went unanswered.

The woman said the mother was eight months pregnant with her unborn baby, and decided to have the abortion after learning her unborn child may have a congenital heart problem.

Memories of what happened next brought the woman to tears.

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“[The abortion] was very dramatic because the baby is very large. You can’t suck out the body parts and-” the nurse said before her tears forced her to pause.

“Literally, [the abortionist] couldn’t pull the parts out,” she told the Signal. “He had to put his foot up on the table to get leverage and to literally pull and rip the baby out, and I’m crying all during the procedure.”

Because the parents wanted to bury the baby, she said one of her jobs was to gather the baby’s body parts together for them. After she finished, the nurse said she quit her job.

“I walked out of there that day,” she told the Signal. “I went to the front desk and I said, ‘Never again.’ And I walked out of that hospital and I never went back.”

State and federal laws are supposed to protect doctors, nurses and other medical workers from being forced to abort unborn babies in violation of their conscience. All too often, however, the rights of pro-life medical workers get trampled on and ignored. In 2021, for example, President Joe Biden’s administration dropped a case against a Vermont hospital accused of violating a pro-life nurse’s rights by forcing her to help abort an unborn baby. The nurse said she was tricked into helping with the elective abortion after initially being told that she would be helping with a miscarriage.