Minnesota Senate Votes Friday on Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

State   |   Cathy Blaeser   |   Jan 26, 2023   |   5:25PM   |   St. Paul, Minnesota

Tomorrow, the Minnesota Senate is scheduled to vote on the abortion-up-to-birth bill, called S.F. 1 or the “Protect Reproductive Options” (PRO) Act. It would enshrine in state law a right to abort any baby for any reason at any time up to birth. This is extreme and horrifying! Most Minnesotans, and most of the world, don’t support such a policy.

S.F. 1 has already passed the House. If it passes the Senate tomorrow, it will go to the governor for his signature. The vote in the Senate is expected to be very close: If just one senator changes their position and votes against the bill, that could be enough to stop it!

Here are a few things we hope you will do:

First, plan to join other pro-lifers at the Capitol tomorrow to show our senators that we stand with unborn children and their mothers. You can pick up pro-life signs at the top of the south Capitol steps starting at 9:30 a.m. We will then peacefully hold our signs outside the Senate chamber as the senators go in (they meet starting at 10:30). Parking information is available here.

Second, please contact your state senator right now or by Friday morning (or both!). Tell him or her to vote against S.F. 1, the abortion-until-birth bill. Tell your senator that the bill is extreme and would mean unlimited abortion—even late in pregnancy, when a baby feels excruciating pain. It would also deny parents the right to know that their minor daughter is being taken for an abortion!

Find who your Minnesota senator is—and their phone number and email address—by typing in your address at this link.

You can learn more about S.F. 1 and other pro-abortion bills on our website.

Whether your senator is pro-life or pro-abortion, it is very important that they hear from you and many, many more pro-life citizens. They need to know the depth of opposition to this extreme bill. And even if they still vote for it, your efforts could make them less likely to advocate for other pro-abortion bills. (And make no mistake: Other extreme bills, including one that would repeal protection for newborns who survive abortion, are also advancing at the Capitol!)

Please follow LifeNews on Rumble for the latest pro-life videos.

Finally, please pray fervently that this bill will be defeated and that human life will be protected in our state.

Thank you for making your voice heard on behalf of unborn children and their mothers. They need all of us!