Pastor Jack Hibbs: I Survived an Abortion Because “God Had a Plan” for My Life

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 25, 2023   |   6:08PM   |   Washington, DC

California megachurch Pastor Jack Hibbs almost was a victim of abortion.

Pressured by his father, his mother tried to abort him with a metal clothes hanger at home one day. But he survived.

“God saw fit to let me come into a world where I wasn’t wanted,” he told Calvary Chapel Magazine.

Now, Hibbs uses the pulpit to preach messages about the value of every human life, as well as God’s forgiveness for parents who have aborted their children.

Hibbs, the lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Chino Hills, California, said he believes God “called me from the womb.”

It was Christmas Eve in 1957 when he said his mother attempted the at-home abortion. An orphan herself, she did not know who to turn to for help when her husband left for a job in Alaska. Before he went, he warned her that “when he returned, he didn’t want to see a third child in the home,” Hibbs said.

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“At that time, my mom was living in fear,” he continued, according to Charisma Magazine. “Having two younger children, she basically caved into the pressure. She attempted an abortion to end that pregnancy and to end my life.”

That evening, she “put her two older children to bed in their apartment, boiled a metal clothes hanger and proceeded to lie down on the kitchen floor, where she attempted to abort her third child,” he said.

However, someone found her and took her to the hospital before the abortion killed him; Hibbs was born on Jan. 15, according to the report.

Growing up, Hibbs said he did not have a good relationship with his father and often felt angry and rejected. Then, one day when he was a teenager, he said he heard his mother mention the abortion attempt on his life.

Now as an adult, Hibbs said he understands all to well how frequently women are pressured or frightened into aborting their unborn babies.

“My mom attempted an abortion on me because she was scared to death. My dad was gone, and she was simply terrified. She barely spoke English, she was here in America and she was scared,” he said.

Hibbs said he does not condemn post-abortive women, and he wants them to know that God forgives and heals. However, he also refuses to shy away from the truth about what abortion is.

“We are insane to murder defenseless babies while God looks on,” he said. “It is the very same God that commanded us to defend those who have no voice and to protect those who are destined for crushing. This is exactly what we see in the offering of abortion.”

He urged America to repent of the sin of abortion, continuing, “I think God would turn this nation around in short order if we said, ‘Lord, please forgive me for allowing this or for me voting for candidates that support abortion.’”

Last week in a sermon on Sanctity of Life Sunday, he reminded Christians to speak up boldly for unborn babies.

“God loves, values and cherishes those in the womb just as much as you and me. It’s time for the American church to wake up, be a voice for the voiceless,” Hibbs said.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people like Hibbs have survived abortions. Others include Melissa OhdenGianna JessenClaire Culwell and Jennifer Milbourn. The Abortion Survivors Network has connected with 650 abortion survivors to-date, but there likely are many more.