She Wanted Her Mom to Have an Abortion, But When Her Brother Was Born She Became Pro-Life

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 16, 2023   |   2:03PM   |   Rome, Italy

An Italian nun spent her early adult years rebelling against her family’s Catholic faith and its teachings.

As a young woman, Sister Clare of the Little Sisters of the Immaculate Heart said she had gone so far astray that she even wanted her mother to abort her youngest brother, Aleteia reports.

But God used her brother’s life to help draw her back to the faith, and today she has dedicated her life to service.

According to Aleteia, Sister Clare rejected her parents’ Catholic faith as a young woman, viewing the Ten Commandments as oppressive and Christians as “depressed, lame, boring people.” She also embraced common societal views about abortion, believing it was a woman’s right to choose to have her unborn child killed if she wanted to.

Then, her own mother became pregnant unexpectedly with her fourth child, and it made Sister Clare angry, the report continues.

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“I was very angry because we were grown up already,” she remembered. “… The fourth child was a burden … In my heart, I wished she would abort the pregnancy. I was in favor of abortion, defending women’s rights.”

But her mother did not share those views, and when her youngest brother was born, Sister Clare said she immediately loved him.

“Perhaps to silence this remorse I carried with me for having wanting to kill him, I spoiled him terribly,” she said. “I pampered him a lot, but he really became the center of my life … However, this wasn’t reflected in my faith. I was very distant from the church. I was against Catholics, and this remained with me.”

But slowly and steadily, God used her little brother to begin working a change in her own life. A few years later, Sister Clare said her brother became sick and eventually was diagnosed with an aggressive stomach disease.

“Its progress was overwhelming, to the point that it endangered his life,” she remembered.

The young woman blamed herself. She said she thought God was using her brother’s illness to punish her for having wanted him dead.

“I thought the Lord was making him die like that to tell me, ‘Do you see? You wanted to do away with him, and now I’m really going to take him,’” she continued.

One day, she said she decided to try bargaining with God and prayed that He would save her brother’s life.

Sister Clare continued: “So I said to the Lord, ‘Whoever you are, wherever you are, I ask you to save the life of this child … I’m willing to do anything. Take everything we have … let us be left poor, take everything, but save the life of this child. And I’m willing to do anything in return.’”

She promised to start attending a Catholic young adults group in her community if her brother was healed; and very shortly thereafter, he was, according to the report. Attending the group began to soften her heart, and then, during a mission trip to Albania, she said her perspective on life changed and she felt God’s love for the first time.

Eventually, Sister Clare dedicated her life to serving God as a nun. She recently shared her testimony to remind people that God can change any heart.

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