Mom Rejects Abortion: “Why Should This Innocent Life be Taken Because I Don’t Feel I’m Ready?”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 9, 2023   |   5:31PM   |   Washington, DC

A tornado hit. Then the COVID-19 shutdowns came and her husband lost his job. Living thousands of miles from family, Lauren said the news of her pregnancy during that tumultuous time felt like a burden instead of a blessing.

Speaking with The 700 Club, the Tennessee mother said she and her husband, David, almost aborted their unborn baby. Even though they were Christians and they knew abortion was wrong, fear led them to consider destroying their son’s life.

But thanks to the help of a local pregnancy resource center counselor, the couple chose life. Now, Lauren said their little boy is “such a blessing.”

About three ago, Lauren said she let her fears get the better of her when she found out she was pregnant.

“All I could think about at the time was: My life is over, my life is over,” she remembered.

She took the pregnancy test during a severe storm and, two hours later, hid in the bathtub as a tornado tore through their town, according to the report. The tornado damaged and destroyed a lot of homes in their area, adding to Lauren’s fears.

Not long afterward, she said the coronavirus hit the United States, and her husband lost his job. Between the storm damage, their loss of income and their home far away from family, Lauren said she and David decided there was no way they could keep their baby.

Deep down, however, she said she knew it was the wrong thing to do. Lauren told The 700 Club that she avoided her Christian friends and did not speak about it with her mother, because she was afraid they would judge her. She remembered feeling guilty just thinking about the abortion.


Still planning to go through with it, Lauren said she decided to find someone – a stranger – to counsel her afterward. That’s when she decided to contact their local pregnancy resource center.

“I knew that I was emotionally going to be wrecked with this decision, and that I needed somebody to talk to that didn’t know me and could just be there and walk through that process with me,” she said.

That somebody was Rachel, a pro-life counselor who spent more than an hour talking with Lauren about her fears and encouraging her to re-think her decision. Lauren said Rachel helped her realize that what she was about to do was a sin and she knew it.

“To my core, I knew abortion was wrong. I knew it … I really had to challenge myself, well is it ok?” she said. “Why would this innocent life just be taken because I don’t feel like I’m ready? Is that a reason enough for abortion?”

Because of Rachel, Lauren said she and David chose life for their son.

Today, Lauren said they are so thankful for their little boy, and they can see how God used him to change their lives for the better.

“Our son has just changed our hearts and softened our hearts,” she said.