Donald Trump Was Right: Pro-Life Politicians Can’t Run From Abortion

Opinion   |   Frank Pavone   |   Jan 5, 2023   |   2:11PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, President Trump has rightly called out those politicians who have run away from the abortion issue.

We have won a tremendous victory. The Court has thrown on the ash heap of bad history the egregiously wrong Roe vs. Wade decision.

This victory is not an invitation to walk off the battlefield. It is, rather, the beginning of a new phase of the battle in which our side no longer faces the unfair advantage of the Court having given our opponents a “Constitutional right.’

During the decades of Roe and Casey, many politicians hid behind the Court. “The Court took the issue out of our hands,” they declared.

Of course, that was only partially true, inasmuch as the Courts gave various degrees of latitude at various times for the states to regulate and even restrict abortion.

Now that the Court has put the issue squarely back into the hands of “the people and their elected representatives,” the politicians who are scared of abortion have to find another excuse.

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So now, for some at least, it’s “the states.”

To say that the Court has put the issue back in the hands of the states is, again, just part of the truth. The Court put it in the hands of “the people and their elected representatives.”

Federal lawmakers are elected representatives.

Mayors and City Council members are elected representatives, too.

Every level of government has to deal with abortion.

Nobody, in any profession, is exempt from protecting the unborn.

And some of us are called to do it exclusively, devoting all or most of our time and energy to protecting the unborn.

Sometimes those of us who put a special emphasis on this work are called ‘single issue’ people. Yet there is no other issue if there isn’t life.

Abortion denies the very right to exist. If we cannot defend the right people have to exist, especially when they are most weak and most defenseless, then we undermine the defense of every other right.

Yes, we have to work to secure all the rights of the human person but all the rights that there are exist precisely because of the dignity of the person. Abortion changes all of that. It says that you don’t even have the right to exist.

Does a poor person have a right to food and to shelter? Absolutely! But why? They have a right to food because they have a right to live. Take away the right to live and you’ve taken away the basis for fighting poverty or for fighting any other thing that degrades the dignity of the human person.

As a full-time pro-life leader since 1993, I have been told a number of times by well-meaning friends that they are glad I am happy doing “my thing.”. Some of them go on to add that it is not “their thing.”

My response to all this is to kindly point out that whether an activity is or is not “one’s thing” has nothing to do with duty or with the demands of justice. I fight abortion not because I am particularly attracted to the battle, but because human life is at stake. It is a duty of conscience to defend it.

It is the duty of all of us, no matter what our profession. And it deserves every level of sacrifice.

People in every profession are being ostracized, sidelined, and cancelled. Those who protect the unborn will be treated like them.

Yet unlike them, we don’t fall into silence when we are “aborted.” We speak all the more loudly. We fight abortion and we fight for the right to fight it.

We speak up for the unborn and we fight for the right to speak up for them.

And we give to America and to the Church the witness that defending the foundational right to life is indeed worthy of every sacrifice, indeed, even that of our own lives.