Joan Jacobson Named Pro-Life Person of the Year After She Was Shot While Opposing Abortion

National   |   Joe Kral   |   Dec 19, 2022   |   2:24PM   |   Washington, DC

A national pro-life group has named pro-life advocate Joan Jacobson its person of the year.

Jacobson, a retired nurse, was visiting homes in Lake Odessa, Michigan to pass out literature opposing Proposal 3, which would legalize abortions up to birth in the state. After radical leftist Sharon Harvey got into an argument with Jacobson, her husband Harvey approached Jacobson with a gun and shot her as she was trying to leave the couple’s property.

Harvey was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, a minor felony; careless discharge of a firearm causing injury, a high court misdemeanor; and reckless use of a firearm, a misdemeanor.

Today, the pro-life group Society of St. Sebastian named Jacobson as its Pro-Life Person of Year.

“Mrs. Jacobson has shown a commitment to the Culture of Life few have ever faced before. While volunteering to pass out literature on voting “no” on proposition 3 for Right to Life of Michigan, Mrs. Jacobson was shot,” the group explained. “While passing out literature on a ballot initiative may not be considered the tradition form of lobbying, it is indeed a form of lobbying. Mrs. Jacobson was lobbying the people of Michigan to vote against this pro-abortion amendment. During her time canvassing and speaking with people about the ballot initiative she went to speak with the people on a property her were not pro-life. Sadly, they were so enmeshed within the Culture of Death that they not only took offense to her message of Life, but also shot her.”

It continued: “Sadly, it is becoming more commonplace to see violence perpetrated against pro-life people and pro-life offices in the Dobbs Era. Mrs. Jacobson has shown the type of pro-life witness that literally is along the lines of St. Sebastian. While many pro-life lobbyists do not have to face a fatal level of violence, Mrs. Jacobson actually did. This did not go unnoticed. She advocated for the unborn, those who had no legal voice, and was met with violence.”

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The Right to Life of Michigan Board stated the following regarding Mrs. Jacobson winning the award, “We applaud Joan for the many years she put into advocating for the unborn. We are grateful for her dedication and bravery in standing against the pro-abortion advances in Michigan.”

Joe Kral, President of the Society of St. Sebastian added, “Joan clearly has the fortitude of St. Sebastian. She not only faced the Culture of Death through her pro-life advocacy, but faced the violence the it brings. She is a true witness to the Culture of Life and an awesome advocate for the unborn.

During an October court hearing, Jacobson took the stand and described what happened.

“She got very angry and we had an exchange for about three to four minutes,” Jacobsen said. “The only thing I said to her was did she know it was going to amend the state Constitution? And she said she didn’t care. She was very upset, very agitated about it. She said, ‘you don’t have a right to be here, get off my porch, get off my property.’ I said ‘I do have a right to come and talk to you.’ I could be the mailman or the FedEx man. I wasn’t breaking any laws just coming to talk to her.

“Then I got off the porch and started walking back to my car,” Jacobsen said. “She was yelling at me as I was going down the sidewalk. I did ask her to stop yelling at me. She was behind me and then all of a sudden I realized she was very close to me in the grass while I was on the sidewalk. She was on her cellphone and she was saying she was going to call the police. I was thinking to myself, ‘call the police, I’m not doing anything wrong.’

“I turned and looked to see where she was and then I saw there was a man standing beside her,” she said. “It just happened so fast. I saw he had a gun, it was a long barrel. By the time it registered in my brain that there was a man with a gun, I heard a shot and I felt the pain. I said to myself ‘did he shoot me?’ I was just in shock and I just started proceeding to get to my car, which was not too far away at that time.”

She said she was lucky the shot didn’t kill or her injure her severely, noting that it narrowly missed her spine.

“The bullet went in and out,” she said. “They said it narrowly missed my spine, it went into the soft tissue.”