Ohio Bill Will Help Fund Pregnancy Centers Giving Women Abortion Alternatives

State   |   Elizabeth Marbach   |   Dec 14, 2022   |   6:41PM   |   Columbus, Ohio

Today, Ohio Right to Life released a statement regarding amendments to House Bill 45 (HB45), which will provide new funding for pro-life organizations and adoptive families in Ohio.

HB45 will provide three million dollars for new programs and services for Pregnancy Resource Centers. In addition, any family who adopts in 2023 will now be eligible for a grant of ten thousand dollars, fifteen thousand dollars for adopting a foster child, or twenty thousand dollars for adopting a child with disabilities.

Ohio Right to Life’s President, Mike Gonidakis, stated “Ohio Right to Life is sincerely thankful for the commonsense solutions found in House Bill 45. Any measure that makes adoption more accessible and incentivized is a pro-life step forward and has our full support.” He continued, “As a father of two precious adopted children, this sincerely warms my heart knowing even more children in Ohio will be adopted into loving families and given the support they deserve.”

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Gonidakis said, “the additional three million dollars provided for Pregnancy Resource Centers will work to directly save innocent lives in the womb and support women in need.” Continuing, “Our resource centers already do immense work caring for women and children on a daily basis, and thanks to HB45, they will now be able to expand their reach to support even more.”