My Fiance Told Me to Abort My Baby. I Refused and Now Have an Amazing Husband and Son

Opinion   |   Faith Dalton   |   Nov 25, 2022   |   5:44PM   |   Washington, DC

This is going to ruin your life.” “You have to drop out of college.” “This is a mistake.” “Abort the baby .”

These words, uttered by people whom I trusted and loved most in this world, struck me like a knife.

When I learned I was pregnant , I was 21 years old and still in school. I was engaged to be married, and while those two pink lines came as a complete shock, I wanted to be a mother .

My feelings were overlooked by those close to me. Rather than offering support, my family and friends responded with criticism and doubt. It was Thanksgiving Day, and my fiance at the time told me to abort the baby and that we could “try again after we got married.” When I insisted on keeping my child, he abandoned me.

Scared, alone, and with no support, I stumbled upon the Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla, Missouri. I sought out a free ultrasound, which was one of the many services it provided. While there, I met Jane Dalton, who served as the center’s client services director. I told her my situation, and in turn, she asked me what I wanted.

I wanted to be a mother — and a good one at that. But I also wanted to finish school and become financially self-sufficient. Jane told me that I could do all of those things and that the PRC would be there to help.

I soon moved into the maternity home connected to PRC and was immediately surrounded by love and support from complete strangers rather than the fear of family and friends that my life would hold less value as a mother. I had weekly meetings with certified professional life coaches who walked me through every step of my pregnancy, focusing on my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. I gave birth to my beautiful son Noah and wondered in awe at the remarkable life I had created.


Jane knew that along with my goal of becoming a mother, I wanted to finish my education. While PRC helped to look after my new baby, I completed my studies and began my career as a cosmetologist, eventually starting my own business.

As I grew closer to the Daltons, I noticed that Jane and the rest of her family, who were practicing Catholics, loved and forgave in a way I never knew possible. While I was raised in a Christian household, I was intrigued by their authenticity and trust in God, which I had never seen before. I began attending Sunday Mass with the Daltons and was soon confirmed in the Catholic Church while Noah was baptized.

During this time, I grew closer to God, as well as the Daltons, especially their son Gabe. Then one day in Mass, Noah began to fuss, and Gabe graciously offered to bring him to the back of the church. Upon the conclusion of Mass, I turned to find Noah kneeling alongside Gabe, both sets of hands folded and eyes closed in prayer.

I had never seen my son kneel so silently before, and I felt that, through this miracle, God was showing me my new path. The PRC gave me shelter and support, but I fully believe that God gave me the Daltons. Gabe and I were soon married, and my son is being raised in a home that every mother dreams of for their child: one full of love.

Now, four years later, I serve as a certified professional life coach for the PRC of Rolla. Within the same walls where I was once provided shelter and unconditional love and support, I work to show other mothers that pregnancy is not the end of all possibilities but rather the beginning of a new phase of life, one in which you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

My story isn’t unique. Tens of thousands of women in situations similar to mine receive the support they need from pregnancy resource centers across the country. The work they do is vital, and the demand for it will only continue to grow in light of the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

This holiday season, I encourage you to consider how you might support your local pregnancy resource center . And remember that in doing so, you are helping women just like me change the trajectories of their lives.

LifeNews Note: Faith Dalton is a certified professional life coach for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Rolla, Missouri, where she helps support women in crisis pregnancies.