Actress Madeline Brewer Celebrates Her Abortion, Admits Using Abortion as Birth Control

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 23, 2022   |   11:06AM   |   Washington, DC

“The Handmaid’s Tale” actress Madeline Brewer believes there are “thousands upon thousands” of legitimate reasons why women abort their unborn babies.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the 30-year-old actress said she had an abortion ten years ago basically as birth control because she just did not want to be a mother yet.

“… there are thousands upon thousands of reasons why even one individual would decide it’s not right for them,” Brewer said of her abortion.” And for me, it was the very singular fact that I was not ready.”

Brewer first told about her abortion publicly this summer to express outrage at the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. Denying the fact that she already was a mother and she ended her unborn child’s life, she wrote on Instagram: “Today my life is mine. I can’t wait to be a mother someday on my own terms.”

Later in an essay at Self magazine, Brewer claimed she “needed” the abortion even though, by her own account, she chose to abort her unborn baby for selfish reasons.

She told The Hollywood Reporter:

“I wrote something for Self magazine about [speaking out about my abortion]. I wanted people to know how common it is and also how much we are shamed into keeping quiet about it. So many people were talking about the medical reasons someone might need an abortion and I completely agree. But I also wanted to speak to the fact that I had an abortion because I did not want a child. Because I was not ready for a child. Ten years later, I’m still not ready. I still wouldn’t be able to give a child the life and the love and the attention that they would deserve. And I wanted to speak to that.”

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Yet, Brewer also acknowledged, if only in passing, that her abortion was something more significant than just another medical procedure, that there was something about it worth grieving over. She mentioned it while discussing her character, Janine, who also had an abortion.

“But having that storyline was actually a really incredible grieving process for me for my own abortion that I spoke about online in June after the overturn of Roe,” she said. “People talk about how much they love Janine and how much Janine has inspired them, and it felt important to me to talk about my own experience.”

However, Brewer never mentioned her unborn child. Grief does not make sense if there is no child, nothing significant about pregnancy, and casual abortions for birth control and “thousands” of other reasons do not make sense if there is.

And there is. Even some abortionists admit that abortions kill children in the womb, as one did in a recent Boston Review column. Abortions kill unique, living human beings with their own DNA who are unlike any other person who ever existed. Abortions do not simply erase a potential person; they kill someone who already exists, the child of a mother and father who depends on them to survive.

Babies in the womb are valuable human beings who deserve to be protected. The casualness with which so many celebrities now talk about aborting their unborn babies for elective reasons is a disturbing reflection of just how pro-abortion Hollywood has become.