Kirk Cameron Promotes Adoption: “God Brings Families Together in All Sorts of Ways”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 22, 2022   |   8:51AM   |   Washington, DC

Playing the father of an adopted child in the film “Lifemark” was natural for actor Kirk Cameron.

He is an adoptive father himself.

In a recent interview, the former “Growing Pains” actor told Movieguide how adoption has been such an integral part of his family: His wife was adopted, and four of their six children were adopted.

“I think it’s incredible that God brings families together in all kinds of ways. And I’m just so thankful for those ladies out there who make the loving choice of adoption,” Cameron told Movieguide.

“Lifemark” was a box office hit in theaters in September. A film by the Kendrick Brothers (“War Room,” “Fireproof”), the movie celebrates the life-giving choice of adoption through the true story of Louisiana native David Scotton. Adopted as an infant, Scotton grows up in a loving home. At age 18 and about to graduate high school, he unexpectedly receives a message from his birth mother, asking to meet him.


With the encouragement of his adoptive parents, the young man embarks on a journey that reveals the truth about his past, including his mother’s choice as a scared young teenager. The film is based on a true story, as told in the documentary “I Lived on Parker Avenue,” produced by Louisiana Right to Life.

Cameron, who played the adoptive father, said the film really “resonated with me” because of his own family’s experiences with adoption.

“The adoption option, I think, is such a loving, beautiful place, and I’ve experienced the result of that choice myself,” he said. “Like I said, with our four kids, my wife is adopted, and if my wife had not been adopted, we likely would not have our two natural-born children either.”

Cameron shared about how his daughter Bella recently met her birthmother and learned how she nearly had been aborted.

“Her biological mom was pregnant, scared, afraid and didn’t know what to do, was told that really she just needs to go have an abortion,” he said. “She went down to the clinic, but got a flat tire on the way, missed the appointment, rescheduled. The second time, had a friend take her down, and they had car trouble, and she wasn’t able to make it. The third time, she didn’t have the money to pay when she went, so she was seeking for some government assistance.

On her fourth visit to the abortion facility, Cameron said Bella’s birthmother saw a cockroach crawling across the floor and over her foot, prompting her to rethink her decision.

“She did, and she placed Bella up for adoption. We adopted Bella. She is our beautiful, precious daughter who’s now an American Airlines flight attendant,” he said. “She got a chance to hear this whole story when she spent Mother’s Day weekend with her biological mother. Just this last Mother’s Day, Chelsea gave her blessing on the whole thing.

“It’s just kind of come full circle, and pieces of the puzzle coming together to create this beautiful picture of God’s love and his providence. And he works all things together for good, for those who love him,” Cameron continued.

Through his family’s stories, the release of “Lifemark” and more, Cameron said he has seen God at work.

“I can’t think of anything that is more incredible than thinking that God somehow orchestrated for that mom who was scared and afraid, to have her trust that a good home could be found for her child,” he said. “And while we were wanting to adopt a baby, all of that would come together to form our family and then reunite with her. That’s just mind-blowing to me.”