MSNBC Host Alicia Menendez Attacks Ron DeSantis, Calls Him a “White Christian Nationalist”

National   |   Kevin Tober   |   Nov 14, 2022   |   1:05PM   |   Washington, DC

On Sunday night’s American Voices on MSNBC, host Alicia Menendez and her panel of left wing radicals attempted to smear Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as a “white Christian nationalist” whose religious beliefs “see[p] into his governance” of the state of Florida.

“Here’s the thing with DeSantis. It’s not just rhetorical. Right? It actually–this idea seeps into his governance,” Menendez cried.

Turning to MSNBC columnist and author Anthea Butler, Menendez wanted her to talk through the ridiculous argument she just made.

“it seeps into his governance because the way he thinks about the world is that God has put him in that place to rule over Florida. And so when you see this, when he’s against trans kids, and the don’t say gay bill, and all of this, this is part and parcel of what he sees his Christian nationalism to be,” Butler falsely claimed.

Continuing to smear DeSantis and proving what an anti-Christian bigot she is, Butler huffed that DeSantis “thinks that he has dominion over this Earth and God has given it to him.”

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“It’s very important to understand what the people who believe in Christian nationalism like Ron DeSantis or others, they believe that God has given them dominion,” Butler continued.

Butler continued to mentally unravel when she made the ludicrous claim that “dominion means they have dominion over everybody who doesn’t believe in God, who doesn’t think like they do, and that God created this nation for them, and specifically for white men.”

Menendez’s other lunatic guest “Reverend” Serene Jones cried that the “white Christian nationalist” philosophy that DeSantis supposedly subscribes “is white supremacist,” “has a long history in the United States,” and is “explicitly racist.”

In the real world, Ron DeSantis isn’t a white Christian nationalist or a white supremacist. MSNBC apparently believes every religious person is somehow a Christian nationalist.

This is why they have so few viewers.

LifeNews Note: Kevin Tober writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.