Catholic Bishop Calls for Prayer: Abortion is a “Great Sin in Our Midst”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 11, 2022   |   2:45PM   |   Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron encouraged Catholics to dedicate two weeks to fasting and prayer in response to a radical pro-abortion measure that passed in Michigan this week.

Aleteia reports Vigneron described the passing of Proposal 3 as a “grave assault on the dignity and sanctity of unborn, innocent human life.”

The new state constitutional amendment, which voters approved Tuesday, basically ends all limits on abortion in the state. Now, unborn babies may be killed through all nine months of pregnancy, and anyone, including people without medical training, may assist with an abortion, according to the Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children, a pro-life coalition that fought against the amendment.

Although Michigan law requires parents to consent for a 12-year-old to have their tonsils removed, the amendment makes it so parents do not need to consent or even be informed if their 12-year-old has an abortion or receives transgender drugs or surgery, pro-life coalition said.

Vigneron urged people to fast, pray and do penance for two weeks starting in Advent (Nov. 27 to Dec. 9) in response to the dangerous new amendment.

“Abortion is now legal in Michigan at an unprecedented level, and millions of lives are at stake,” he said. “We must pray and ask God for his mercy upon us for allowing this evil to happen in our state.”

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The archbishop thanked pro-life advocates for their hard work educating voters ahead of the election, and reminded the public that their charitable work helping babies and mothers will continue.

Supporting families in need is especially “critical” now that the “unborn have been stripped of their basic right to life,” Vigneron continued, mentioning several ministries within the archdiocese that help mothers, children and post-abortive parents.

“In response to the passing of Proposal 3, we must step forward with no judgment, open arms, and effective resources to help women reject the ‘solution’ of death and empower them to choose life for their children,” he said.

Vigneron encouraged Christians to persevere in building a culture of life in Michigan, one in which “abortion is unthinkable, all families receive the support they need, and the dignity of all people is recognized. We do this with confidence in the ultimate victory of Christ, whose resurrection to life has defeated the powers of death.”

On Tuesday, Michigan voters adopted the state constitutional amendment, with 55 percent in favor to 45 percent against.

Ahead of the election, leftist billionaires from New York, California and the Bahamas poured tens of millions of dollars into the state to buy false and misleading ads that confused voters and made the measure seem as if it was just supporting health care for women.

Pro-lifers working to defeat the amendment also were targets of violence. In September, an elderly pro-life woman was shot by an angry abortion supporter while campaigning against the amendment in Lake Odessa; she survived. The man is facing several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon and careless discharge of a firearm causing injury. Several churches and pregnancy centers also were vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti and pro-life yard signs were stolen and vandalized.

Nearly 30,000 unborn babies are aborted in Michigan every year.