Republicans Set to Win National Popular Vote With House, Senate Still at Stake

National   |   Laurel Duggan   |   Nov 10, 2022   |   2:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Republicans are projected to win the popular vote for the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s midterm elections as states continue counting ballots, according to Cook Political Report.

In 2018 Democrats won the popular vote for the House in midterm elections by 8.6 points. Republicans are now winning the popular vote for the House of Representatives by 6.4 points, according to Cook, though the outlet expects that margin to narrow as votes from large cities and blue states continue coming in.

The massive red wave predicted by analysts and pollsters didn’t pan out: Republicans are ahead in House seats and control of the Senate remains very close, with numerous races yet to be called in both chambers of Congress. Despite struggling to win seats, the GOP brought in 50,623,819 votes in House elections in the 2022 midterms, compared to Democrats’ 44,564,327 vote, according to Cook.

“Republicans did relatively well with Black and especially Hispanic voters. But it didn’t translate to seats,” Sean Trende, senior election analyst at Real Clear Politics, wrote. “An easy story is uncontested seats; there were about 8 more GOP uncontested than Democrats. But in some of those, they don’t count any votes, so it net hurts the GOP. And there are seats where two Democrats ran against each other, so Ds double dip.”

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Democrats have increasingly called for the popular vote to replace our current system, particularly in presidential elections: Former President Donald Trump’s victory without the popular vote in 2016 drew ire from Democrats like Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who repeatedly called for the electoral college to be abolished and replaced with a popular vote. A 2019 poll found that 60% of Democrats wanted to replace the electoral college with the popular vote.

The Republican National Committee did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

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