Georgia Senate Race Goes to December 6 Runoff as Walker Tries to Defeat Warnock

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 9, 2022   |   1:56PM   |   Washington, DC

With control of the Senate up in the air, the crucial Senate race in Georgia will be heading to a December 6th runoff between pro-abortion Democrat incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock and pro-life GOP challenger Herschel Walker.

Currently, both candidates are seperated by just 35,000 votes and under the 50% threshhold needed to avoid a runoff. Warnock currently has 49.42% of the more than 3.9 million votes cast to Walker’s 48.52%.

With Senate races in Arizona and Nevada yet to be decided there is a potential that the Georgia race may determine whether or not pro-life Republicans capture the Senate from pro-abortion Democrats. Either way, the race will be a massive battle between a pro-life and pro-abortion candidate.

Warnock closed the race to keep his U.S. Senate seat with an ad that supports killing disabled unborn babies in eugenic, discriminatory abortions.

The ad also attempts to portray his opponent, pro-life Republican candidate Herschel Walker, in a poor light, describing him as “cruel” for wanting to protect unborn babies from abortions.

Warnock, who touts himself as a “pro-choice pastor,” has a 100-percent pro-abortion voting record, according to NRLC.

In his new ad, a woman named Sarah Watkins explains why she chose to abort her unborn daughter after the girl was diagnosed with a fatal disorder called Edwards syndrome. Watkins says her doctors predicted that her daughter would die in the womb or a few days after birth.

Watkins claims pro-lifers do not understand the “absolute devastation and horror of getting that phone call from a doctor telling you that child wasn’t going to live.” Then she bashes Walker as “cruel” for supporting laws that protect unborn babies from abortion.

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“The only way we could help [our daughter] is to make sure she went back to God in peace and in love, and that’s the only decision we could make for her,” Watkins says of her abortion.

But abortions are not the only or best choice in these situations. Healthy or not, babies in the womb are valuable human beings who deserve to be protected from violence. Abortions destroy their lives, and, by the time most unborn babies are diagnosed with a medical disorder, they already are nearly fully formed.

In contrast, Walker is “a proud pro-life Christian” who has promised to “always stand up for our unborn children.” The Republican candidate has said he believes children conceived in horrible circumstances still have worth and potential.

“You never know what a child is going to become,” Walker said. “And I’ve seen some people, they’ve had some tough times, but I always said, ‘No matter what, tough times make tough people.’”