When You Hate People, You Call Republican Women “Roaches” and Unborn Babies “Parasites”

Opinion   |   Kevin Burke   |   Nov 4, 2022   |   3:08PM   |   Washington, DC

The View’s Sonny Hostin had this to say about suburban women voting Republican:

“I read a poll just yesterday that White Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican,” Hostin said. “It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?” 

You might be tempted to dismiss this as just another pathetic partisan click-bait moment.

The scary thing is, whatever Hostin’s intentions, this type of language opens the door to forces that can be very difficult to control.

President Biden in a recent nationally televised address, warned of “threats to democracy,” as he disparaged half the population of the country he was elected to lead.

When Biden speaks of “threats to democracy,” what he really means is how a Red Wave this upcoming Election Day will end the Democratic Party’s control of Congress, and begin to challenge the misuse of the National Security State to attack political opponents.

Perhaps Biden may also fear the threat posed by a Republican Congress turning its investigative spotlight on the potential illegal activities of the Biden family.

But the real threat this president ignores, is the devolution of political discourse, leading one side to dehumanize their opponents. History teaches us that this can have deadly, horrific consequences, especially when such attacks are amplified by the media.

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Hostin shared on The View: “I am very surprised that White Republican suburban women are voting against their own healthcare.”

It’s ironic that her irresponsible comments were really about a topic the Democratic Party is absolutely obsessed with: Abortion.

What is the common ingredient of any historical attempt to dehumanize a group of people before systematically targeting them for abuse and destruction?

Carefully construct language to dehumanize your opponent; refer to them as roaches, parasites, cancers etc., and feed the primal temptation to project one’s fear and rage onto the scapegoated target.

Consider the language of pro-abortion propaganda about the developing girl or boy in its mother’s womb; products of conception/medical waste/reproductive choice/women’s healthcare/fetus as parasite.

We see similar tactics used by those on the left who continually stoke the fires of racial division and hatred.

On Rod Dreher’s blog, he had a series of posts about Tommy Curry, a black philosopher who taught at the time at Texas A&M. (You can see those posts herehere, and here.)  Dreher shared how “Curry fantasized in his writing and his spoken rhetoric about killing white people as an act of liberation.”

In late October, Fox host Tucker Carlson took a closer look at the race-hate content at MSNBC, the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.  Tucker said the experience of genocide in Rwanda must serve as a warning about why such language is extremely dangerous:

In July of 1993, a radio station in Kigali Rwanda, RTLM, began openly attacking one of the country’s main ethnic groups, the Tutsis…According to Hutu radio, Tutsi people were responsible for virtually every bad thing that ever happened in Rwanda… Everything about Tutsiness was repulsive… in July of 1994, just nine months after RTLM went on the air, a genocide began in Rwanda. More than half a million Tutsis were murdered…Hutus whose rage had been stoked to violence by RTLM’s broadcasts.

Entire Tutsi families were dragged from their homes and hacked to death with machetes. Hundreds of thousands of women were raped. The world watched in horror as it happened but did nothing to intervene.

Watch the full segment:


The upcoming midterm elections, given what is at stake, are one of the most important in the history of our Republic.  Hopefully there is still time to step back from the abyss and end the deformation of our children in schools and universities with race hatred, transgender ideology, and a failure to teach what is best in our nation’s history.

We must reverse the disastrous economic and foreign policy, and deadly radical pro-abortion agenda of the current regime.

But let us never succumb to the temptation to dehumanize our opponents.

While we can aggressively fight their failed policies and destructive ideologies, we must never forget that they are beloved children of their Heavenly Father.   God loves them passionately as his sons and daughters, a

We must never allow our hearts to be filled with hate.

It is human to be tempted to such feelings.  But take this sin to the confessional.  Kneel before the Lord and repent from the heart.

Praise be to Jesus Christ, Now and Forever.  Amen!

LifeNews Note: Kevin Burke, LSW, is a pastoral associate of Priests for Life and co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard. An expert on men and abortion loss, he is the author of Tears of the Fisherman and co-author of Rivers of Blood/Oceans of Mercy.