Powerful Video Shows Hospital Staffer Quitting After Seeing the Reality of How Abortions Kill Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 2, 2022   |   5:58PM   |   Washington, DC

A short but powerful new video from the perspective of a hospital ultrasound technician exposes the horrific way unborn babies are killed in abortions.

A true story, the animated 4-minute film comes from Loor.tv and CHOICE42, a Canadian pro-life organization known for both satirical and serious videos about abortion. Actor Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules,” “God’s Not Dead”) is the voice-over talent in the film.

“The Procedure” follows the harrowing experience of a hospital sonographer as he is called into the operating room to unknowingly help with a second-trimester abortion.

“I had no idea what I was walking into,” the man recalls.

After plugging in the ultrasound machine, he receives orders to place the probe on the woman’s stomach so that the surgeon will not perforate her uterus. Recognizing the patient is pregnant, the tech seems to assume at first that she is being treated for a miscarriage.

To his horror, however, he soon realizes her unborn baby is still alive. Looking at the ultrasound screen, he says the woman was in her second trimester and it was easy to see that the unborn baby was a girl.

“Stunned, I watched the doctor thrust a catheter into the amniotic sac,” he says. “The fetus dodged the catheter and tried to hide in the top of her mother’s uterus to get away.”

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At this point, the video becomes even more disturbing as it shows animated images of the abortionist pulling the unborn baby apart limb from limb as she squirms in agony.

“In horror, I watched as he inserted a forceps clamp and grabbed her tiny leg,” the ultrasound tech remembers. “She writhed around in pain, trying to break free, but there was nowhere for her to go. Then the doctor pulled hard until the leg ripped away from her body. She recoiled and violently twisted around in pain and curled herself into a tight ball. But it was no use.”

His eyes filling with tears, he watches as the baby girl grows weaker and her heartbeat slows. When he announces that there is no more cardiac activity, he hears the nurse and scrub technician gasp – they did not know the baby had been alive either.

After the abortionist removes all the baby’s body parts, the ultrasound tech leaves the room.

“I quit my job at that hospital shortly after,” he says. “… I would never again assist in the murder of a child.”

“It was over 20 years ago but it’s just as vivid in my mind today as the day it happened,” he continues, recalling the nightmares that he has struggled with since then.

“People have no idea we are murdering babies in this way,” the man concludes. “I’m so sorry for what happened to this little girl, for what I did to her. I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

What he witnessed was a dismemberment abortion, a surgical procedure typically used in the second trimester to abort nearly fully-formed unborn babies. In most of the United States and all of Canada, the barbaric procedure is still legal.

Based on Centers for Disease Control abortion data, it appears that at least 40,699 second-trimester unborn babies were killed this way in 2019 alone. However, the number is an underestimate because some states do not report their abortion numbers to the CDC.

CHOICE42 expressed hope that the new video will help people understand the truth about what abortions do “to tiny humans in the womb.” Its goal is to educate the public and “encourage people to boldly speak out about the human rights violation of our time, even though it is considered politically incorrect to do so.”