Kari Lake Leads Katie Hobbs by 11, Blake Masters Catches Mark Kelly

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Nov 1, 2022   |   9:46AM   |   Phoenix, Arizona

A new poll out of Arizona has great news for pro-life Republicans candidates against their pro-abortion Democrat opponents.

The new Andover poll shows Kari Lake leading Katie Hobbs 53-42 and Blake Masters catching Mark Kelly at 47-47. See the full poll report and cross tabs.

Arizona Democrats are trying to preserve their seat, currently held by Mark Kelly, while the GOP hopes to gain a majority in the Senate. But Kelly, who previously held a sizable lead against the pro-life candidate, is now tied with Masters.

Libertarian Marc Victor received 2% of the vote, and 5% of voters were undecided but today, Victor dropped out of the race and endorsed Masters — which could slide over another 1-2% of the vote to him as momentum takes him past the pro-abortion senator.

“The race has narrowed in recent weeks, as swing voters weigh inflation and economic turmoil, associated by some with the current Democratic leadership, while Republicans struggle to compete with Democrats in fundraising overall,” the polling firm said. “Kelly’s platform prioritizes protecting abortion rights, fighting climate change, investing in healthcare, and creating jobs. Meanwhile, Masters promises to secure the border, reduce inflation, crack down on crime, protect the unborn, and ensure American energy independence.”

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“Masters has won the support of male voters (50%), rural voters (58%), and Hispanic voters (49%). Kelly has garnered strong support from white voters (49%), urban voters (55%), and college-educated voters (57%). Kelly has also seen support from Republican voters (12%) and is outperforming Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs by nine points in rural areas of the state,” it added.

Meanwhile, Republican Kari Lake leads Democrat Katie Hobbs by 11% in the Arizona gubernatorial election.

“In their final appeal to voters, Lake and Hobbs are battling over issues such as border security, abortion, the economy, and broader social issues. Lake’s agenda includes stronger border security, the removal of vaccine mandates, and pro-life policies,” the pollster said. “Lake currently enjoys a large amount of support from male voters (59%), non-college-educated voters (60%), Hispanic voters (56%), and voters earning above $100k per year (54%). Lake also has more female support (50%) than Hobbs (47%) and drastically outpaces Hobbs in rural areas (66%). Hobbs, meanwhile, enjoys significant support from college-educated voters (54%) and urban voters (50%).”