Catholic Bishop Slams Joe Biden on Abortion: “His Priority is Pain and Death”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 31, 2022   |   10:16AM   |   Washington, DC

A Catholic bishop is taking Joe Biden to task over making abortion his main domestic agenda.

Bishop Michael Burbidge of Arlington condemned Biden’s statement saying he wants Americans to elect Democrats to Congress so he can pass and sign legislation to “codify Roe,” which would overturn every pro-life law nationwide and allow abortions up to birth.

As Catholic News Agency reports:

“President Biden recently stated that if the Democratic Party has control of Congress following the November 2022 election, his top priority will be pro-abortion legislation. I condemn abortion and any political tactic that would codify abortion as national policy,” Burbidge said.

“Fundamentally, abortion ends the life of a precious child and deeply wounds the child’s mother. The role of Congress is to pass laws that serve the common good — and yet this priority of the president only brings about pain and death.”

Burbidge wrote in response to Biden’s agenda: “We witness firsthand the wounds women and men endure after ending the life of their child. It is clear that they deserve better than abortion. Through various ministries, the Diocese of Arlington accompanies those who have suffered the pain of abortion.”

He added: “Any attempt to codify abortion, rather than to enact policies that support unborn children and mothers, should be met with peaceful, active, and staunch opposition from the Catholic faithful and all people of good will.”

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Though June’s Dobbs decision by the U.S. Supreme Court “was perhaps the most significant pro-life victory in the last century, there is much work to be done to make abortion unthinkable and support mothers in need,” Burbidge said.

Last week, the U.S. Catholic bishops issued a message condemning Biden’s “single-minded extremism” on abortion. Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore on Tuesday in response to Biden naming a radical pro-abortion bill his top priority for 2023. Another archbishop recently described the legislation as “child sacrifice,” saying it’s what “one would expect from a devout Satanist, not a devout Catholic.”

Lori, chair of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said Biden’s abortion advocacy is “tragic” and “gravely wrong” because babies in the womb are valuable human beings, according to the report.

“The president is gravely wrong to continue to seek every possible avenue to facilitate abortion, instead of using his power to increase support and care to mothers in challenging situations,” Lori said. “This single-minded extremism must end, and we implore President Biden to recognize the humanity in preborn children and the genuine life-giving care needed by women in this country.”

The bill that Biden supports would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth and force taxpayers to pay for them. Nicknamed the Abortion Without Limits Up to Birth Act, the legislation also would end parental consent for minors and jeopardize conscience protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to abort unborn babies.

Lori told Biden that abortions are violent, tragic and unnecessary and pastors see the devastating effects of abortion daily. He urged the president to work with the Catholic Church to support families in need, including children in the womb.

“… abortion is a violent act which ends the life of preborn children and wounds untold numbers of women,” the archbishop said. “The Catholic Church wishes to continue in our work with our government and leaders to protect the right to life of every human being and to ensure that pregnant and parenting mothers are fully supported in the care of their children before and after birth.”

Biden professes to be a devout Catholic, but he is the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history. His administration recently began allowing dangerous abortion drugs to be sold through the mail without a medical exam, and forcing taxpayers to fund travel for military members to get abortions. Biden also wants to force VA hospitals to abort unborn babies and end the Hyde Amendment.

Last week, he said his top priority for 2023 is a bill to “codify Roe,” a ruling that led to the deaths of more than 63 million unborn babies in abortions.

Some bishops say Biden should not receive communion because he is “not in communion with the Catholic faith.”

“Mr. Biden’s apostasy on the abortion issue is only the most repugnant example. He’s not alone. But in a sane world, his unique public leadership would make — or should make — public consequences unavoidable,” Archbishop Charles Chaput said last week. “When you freely break communion with the Church of Jesus Christ and her teachings, you can’t pretend to be in communion when it’s convenient.”

The Catholic Church teaches that every human being is valuable, from conception to natural death.