Gretchen Whitmer Wants Abortions Up to Birth, But Tudor Dixon is Pro-Life

State   |   Right to Life of Michigan   |   Oct 28, 2022   |   11:43AM   |   Lansing, Michigan

On Tuesday night, Governor Whitmer and governor candidate Tudor Dixon participated in their second and final debate. Their first debate was held in Grand Rapids on October 13th and resulted in a statewide increase of support for Tudor Dixon. In the first debate, Tudor Dixon refuted Governor Whitmer’s accusations of being too extreme by pointing out how Whitmer supports the radical Proposal 3.

This time around, questions about Proposal 3 were expectedly brought up again to which Whitmer said:

Proposal 3 is absolutely necessary to preserve the rights we have had for 49 years under Roe v. Wade. When the Supreme Court decided to upend it and overrule Roe, Michigan was poised to go back to a 1931 law that makes abortion a felony, with no exceptions for rape or incest…We have an opportunity to enshrine Roe into law by supporting ballot initiative 3.

Tudor Dixon pointed out that Proposal 3 is far more radical than Roe. She also points out that Proposal 3 will allow for abortion up until birth and how this aligns with Governor Whitmer’s agenda, especially because she voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion.


Governor Whitmer uses part of her 90 seconds for a statement to say that the opposition to Proposal 3 is making up lies about parental consent and health and safety regulations being eliminated. Tudor Dixon refutes her lies that Proposal 3 is just going to codify Roe.

Governor Whitmer has made it very apparent that one of her goals as governor is to have an unlimited and unrestricted abortion in Michigan. We can see that by her support for Proposal 3 and by the countless briefs, orders, and statements she has made to cut corners for the Abortion Industry. At the end of the day, she will do whatever it takes to keep abortion relevant in the media so her supporters think she is doing something to protect “reproductive rights.”

Would she be promoting abortion any chance she gets if it wasn’t an election year? Hopefully, we won’t find out.