RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Vote Pro-Life, Reject Democrats’ Radical Abortion Agenda

Opinion   |   Ronna McDaniel   |   Oct 27, 2022   |   6:21PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s no secret that ever since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Democrats have tried to make the upcoming midterm elections exclusively about abortion. Their singular focus on abortion has ultimately backfired. 

Americans know all too well what two years of one-party Democrat rule has delivered: the highest inflation in 40 yearsout of control crime, and a wide-open southern border that drug cartels are exploiting to smuggle deadly fentanyl into our country. That’s why instead of running on their failed record, Democrats are fearmongering about abortion. But Democrats who think making the midterms all about abortion is a winning strategy don’t know what’s coming.

Joe Biden’s recent assertion that the economy is “strong as hell,” even as families can’t afford gas and groceries, only reinforces how out of touch Democrats are with everyday Americans. And even some Democrats like Bernie Sanders are now calling out their party for ignoring the issues voters care about most

But being desperately out of touch isn’t the only reason Democrats’ abortion obsession will come back to haunt them. Life has proven to be a winning issue for Republicans because Americans recognize that Democrats are the ones who are the real abortion extremists. Consider how radical Democrat politicians have become on abortion. The party that used to believe abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” now thinks it should be taxpayer-funded and available on demand up until, and in some cases even after, the moment of birth. Gender-selective abortion? That’s also just fine with Democrats who want to control Congress and State Houses across the country. As Arizona Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters has pointed out, Democrats’ position of unlimited abortion is so extreme that it’s in line with communist regimes like China and North Korea.

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Let’s be clear: allowing abortion up until birth is a cruel, extreme position that only 10% of Americans support. Even a majority of Democrat voters believe in limiting abortion at the point an unborn baby can feel pain. And yet Democrat candidates have embraced the most fringe positions possible and tried to pass them off as mainstream. From John Fetterman to Tim RyanRaphael WarnockMandela Barnes, Mark KellyPatty Murray and on down, time and again Democrats have been asked to name even a single abortion restriction they support. Each time they’ve refused.  

Just as disturbing as Democrats’ unlimited abortion position is how they are weaponizing the Justice Department to harass and intimidate pro-life Americans. Ever since Divider-in-Chief Joe Biden slandered millions of pro-life Americans as “extremists,” his Justice Department has been working overtime to target pro-life Americans. In recent weeks, the FBI has charged dozens of pro-life activists with felonies, even digging up minor charges that local governments dropped last year.

The message to pro-life Americans behind these chilling, authoritarian tactics is clear: think twice before exercising your First Amendment rights and speaking out in defense of the unborn. Meanwhile, the Biden administration still can’t point to a single arrest they’ve made for the hundreds of attacks, including firebombings, on churchespregnancy resources centers, and pro-life organizations in recent months. Biden isn’t the only Democrat who’s been busy doing the abortion lobby’s bidding. Not only have Democrats in Congress failed to condemn pro-abortion violence from the left –including the shooting of an 84-year old pro-life canvasser in Michigan – they’ve actively encouraged it. Even as crisis pregnancy centers that provide women with resources and care were being attacked, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren didn’t speak out in their defense. Instead, she and other Democrats called for them to be “shut down,” all because they give women a real choice and alternative to abortion.

All this and more is why even in a Dobbs America, the stakes for pro-life Americans in the upcoming midterms have never been higher. Democrats have made it clear that if they pick up two more Senate seats they will abolish the filibuster and impose their extreme abortion agenda nationwide. We can’t let them. With early voting already underway in many states, pro-life Americans have a chance to make their voices heard. A vote for Republicans is a vote to reject Democrats’ radical abortion agenda. It’s a vote to protect innocent life and stand up for vulnerable mothers. And it’s a vote to deliver new leadership that will work towards a future where every child – born and unborn – has a chance at achieving the American Dream.

LifeNews Note: Ronna McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.