John Fetterman Again Supports Abortion Up to Birth for Any Reason

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 26, 2022   |   4:56PM   |   Harrisburg, PA

Senate candidate John Fetterman reiterated his support for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand again Tuesday on the debate stage.

Fetterman, a Democrat, struggled to speak repeatedly while he debated Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz during their first and only debate. Fetterman suffered a serious stroke in May, and his health has many voters concerned.

But his radical pro-abortion stance should, too. According to National Review, Oz called out Fetterman’s radicalism, pointing to legislation he supports that would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth.

Fetterman responded by denying the claim, saying he supports Roe v. Wade. But the 1973 abortion ruling allowed states to legalize abortions for any reason up to birth.

As National Review’s John McCormack wrote:

Oz is right for three reasons: (1) Roe did not impose any legal limits on abortion; (2) Fetterman repeatedly said he opposes any legal limit on abortion; and (3) the federal legislation Fetterman supports requires states to allow abortion after viability until birth whenever a nurse, midwife, or doctor determines aborting the viable pregnancy would help the mother’s mental or emotional health.

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During a recent interview, Fetterman promised to support legislation allowing abortion on demand “without any qualification whatsoever.”

“Are there any limits on abortion you would find appropriate?” the candidate was asked in another appearance on PCN.

“I don’t believe so, no. I believe that is between a woman and her physician,” Fetterman replied.

The Democrat candidate also supports a radical pro-abortion bill in Congress nicknamed the Abortion Without Limits Up to Birth Act that would force states to legalize abortion on demand and force taxpayers to pay for them. Additionally, the bill would get rid of parental consent laws and could force doctors and nurses to help abort unborn babies in violation of their beliefs.

Polls consistently show that Americans support strong restrictions on abortion, including parental consent and bans on taxpayer funding for elective abortions.

However, Fetterman said Tuesday that he supports using tax dollars to fund abortions as well as abortion travel for women in states that protect unborn babies from abortions, according to National Review.

“I would because I believe abortion rights is a universal right for all women in America,” Fetterman said. “I believe that abortion is health care, and I believe that that is a choice that belongs with each woman and their doctor.”

New polls show Oz gaining ground against Fetterman as questions grow about his health and ability to serve. The debate Tuesday widely was considered to be disastrous for Fetterman as he stumbled over his words and took long pauses before answering debate moderators. Even major news outlets have been raising questions about his health.

Pennsylvania is a key swing state, and Democrats hope to gain another seat in the U.S. Senate with Fetterman. Currently, pro-abortion Democrats control the U.S. House and, more narrowly, the U.S. Senate. Election experts predict Republicans will win back the House in November, but whether Democrats will maintain control of the Senate remains uncertain.

Whoever wins the majority will determine the types of abortion legislation that Congress may pass in the near future, such as a national ban on abortions after 15 weeks on the pro-life side or taxpayer-funded abortions through all nine months of pregnancy on the pro-abortion side.