Pro-Abortion Group Admits None of The Guardian Photos Were of Unborn Babies

International   |   Titus Meyer   |   Oct 24, 2022   |   5:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Last week, readers of The Guardian came face to face with (what appeared to be) clumps of white fungus growing in a petri dish. Only it wasn’t fungus. These were clumps of “pregnancy tissue.”

The photos dehumanized preborn babies. They were obtained from relatively new pro-abortion group MYA Network and were alleged to show “early pregnancies.” But this group even admits on their website that they staged and “cleaned up” the material: “We rinsed off the blood and removed the menstrual lining (decidua) in preparation for these photos. What you see here is the gestational sac alone.”

Many people have seen prenatal images. We’ve seen the beautiful pictures of human embryos sucking their thumbs, and there are videos of precious preborn babies kicking and moving around. But these perceptions are very different from the appearance of the “tissue” shown by The Guardian.

The MYA Network’s “pregnancy tissue” looks nothing like a developing human being. And the reason for this is simple: The pictures are not of a developing human being to begin with. That is precisely the issue. The MYA Network doctored its photos to “normalize” abortion. The images were never meant to show preborn humans.

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gestational sac is a large cavity of fluid inside the uterus surrounding the embryo. The MYA Network and The Guardian intentionally dehumanized the preborn by comparing her to the sac in which she lives. In fact, many of the sacs in the photographs were ripped open as if emptied of their contents.

But the baby cannot be ignored. If she is human as science teaches, then intentionally decapitating, disemboweling, or starving and suffocating her is a grave moral injustice. It is intellectually dishonest and unjust to pretend she doesn’t exist. But the MYA Network and The Guardian have done just that. None of their photos are of the actual preborn baby. They are of “the gestational sac alone.”

The “pregnancy tissue” of a sac is not an innocent human being to protect. But every human should be protected (even if she should happen to live inside a gestational sac).

LifeNews Note: Titus Meyer is the Public Relations Coordinator for Created Equal.