Democrats Trash Dr. Oz in New Ad: He Wants Women to Die Because He’s Pro-Life

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 18, 2022   |   9:50AM   |   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is pro-life because he wants to protect human life.

In a new attack ad this week, however, Democrats spun the U.S. Senate candidate’s beliefs to falsely suggest he is so intent on banning abortions that he does not care if women die.

Oz, a celebrity doctor, is running for an open U.S. Senate seat against John Fetterman, a pro-abortion Democrat who supports killing unborn babies in abortions up to birth and taxpayer-funded elective abortions. Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, and growing reports say he struggles to talk and understand basic conversations, suggesting he may not be healthy enough to serve.

NBC News reports the new TV ad comes from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as polls show growing support for Oz.

“When I was in medical school, abortion was not yet legal. So young doctors were trained to treat victims of back-alley abortions,” Dr. Gary Gordon says in the ad, according to NBC. “Too often, women died. I thought those days were long behind us. But not so with Mehmet Oz.”

Gordon, a Pennsylvania physician, suggests Oz is ok with banning abortions with “no exceptions” – even to save a woman’s life. He is “dangerous for the women of Pennsylvania,” the physician claims in the ad.

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This is false. Pro-life laws always allow exceptions if the mother’s life is at risk because the pro-life movement wants to save mothers’ lives as well as their unborn babies. And Oz repeatedly has said he supports laws that ban abortions with exceptions for rape, incest and risks to the mother’s life.

“Dr. Oz is pro-life and supports exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother,” his campaign told NBC in August. “It’s quite the contrast from John Fetterman who supports abortion up until the moment of birth.”

The Republican candidate said he is “100-percent pro-life” because it is wrong to kill children in the womb.

“I do believe life starts at conception, and I’ve said that multiple times,” Oz said at a campaign event in May. “If life starts at conception, why do you care what stage our hearts starts beating at? It’s still murder, if you were to terminate a child whether their heart’s beating or not.”

On his campaign website, Oz said he “knows how precious life is,” and he will vote to protect unborn babies in the U.S. Senate.

The Pennsylvania election is one of the most closely-watched races this fall and could determine which party controls the Senate in 2023.

Currently, pro-abortion Democrats control the U.S. House and, narrowly, the U.S. Senate. Election experts predict Republicans will win back the House in November, but whether Democrats will maintain control of the Senate is uncertain.

Whoever wins the majority will determine the types of abortion legislation that Congress may pass in the near future, such as a national ban on abortions after 15 weeks on the pro-life side or taxpayer-funded abortions through all nine months of pregnancy on the pro-abortion side.