Mother Refuses Fiancé’s Demand to Get Abortion After Hearing God Say: “Do Not Do It, I’ll Be Here”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 14, 2022   |   10:58AM   |   Washington, DC

Like many pregnant mothers on their way to an abortion facility, Tiffany felt afraid, unsure and pressured.

According to God TV, the young mother said her fiancé was afraid to tell his parents, both of whom are pastors, about the pregnancy because they already disapproved of their relationship.

But sitting in the car outside the abortion facility, the young woman heard God speak to her, offering reassurance that she and her unborn baby were not alone.

Speaking with the 700 Club, Tiffany said she chose life for her daughter in that moment. Although her decision led to more heartache, she said she now looks back and sees how God was with her through it all.

Growing up, Tiffany said she longed for love and affection, but her parents did not fulfill that need. After high school, she said she began dating her fiancé and attending church with him.

However, his parents did not approve of her, and, when she found out that she was pregnant, Tiffany said she and her fiancé talked about keeping the pregnancy secret and having abortion.

“I wasn’t praying because I knew what we were considering wasn’t right, wasn’t biblical,” she said.

Feeling pressured by her fiancé, Tiffany said she made an appointment for an abortion. When they arrived at the abortion facility, however, she said she began weeping in the car. That was when she heard God speak to her.

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“I just knew God was here right now saying, ‘Do not do this. I will be here,’” Tiffany remembered.

When she told her fiancé, however, he became angry. She said he was afraid and ashamed of how an out-of-wedlock pregnancy would look to his family.

Tiffany hoped that his pastor parents would be supportive when they announced the pregnancy, but they were not. Instead, she said she felt “shame and condemnation” from the supposedly Christian leaders. They broke off their engagement a short time later, and Tiffany said she was told not to attend their church anymore.

Again, the young mother struggled. Tiffany told the 700 Club that she knew she had made the right choice and God was with her, but she did not understand why her life was falling apart as a result of doing the right thing.

Then, she said God led her to Christian friends who encouraged her, prayed for her and welcomed her to their church. She also found support through a CareNet pregnancy center, which offered her a free ultrasound, counseling and baby supplies.

“I was so grateful to God because he was tangibly showing me that he was going to be there because he was surrounding me with people that cared and that were there,” she said.

Remembering her first ultrasound, she continued: “All of a sudden this baby pops up, and I just see this hand that starts waving at me. Right then it was just real.”

On June 11, 2021, she gave birth to her daughter and immediately fell in love. Tiffany said her love for her daughter reminds her of how much more God loves her.

“The day that he spoke to me in the parking lot, he saved not only my daughter’s life but mine as well,” Tiffany said. “My daughter is the biggest blessing to me. And to think of how much I love her as a parent, I can’t even describe the love God that has for us as a parent. That’s a love like I’ve never experienced before.”