Pro-Life Group Buys House Across From Planned Parenthood to Save Babies From Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 12, 2022   |   9:38AM   |   Bremerton, Washington

Across the street from a Washington state Planned Parenthood, the House for Life is offering hope and help to pregnant mothers and their babies.

Live Action News reports the Western Washington Coalition for Life purchased the house two years ago in Bremerton to provide information, counseling and support to encourage mothers to choose life for their babies.

It was an “answered prayer,” executive director Laurie Coykendall said.

Coykendall began praying outside the Planned Parenthood in 2018, asking God to close the abortion facility and open a non-profit to serve pregnant women, post-abortive women and men, and victims of abuse.

“We had looked at this house across from Planned Parenthood for years and thought that, really, wouldn’t it be nice if we could ever get that house,” she told the Kitsap Daily News.

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In 2020, she said they noticed that the house was for sale and sent out a call for prayers and donations. Within six hours, the organization raised $200,000 to purchase the property.

Now, pro-lifers volunteer regularly at the House for Life, offering information and support to women considering abortions. Coykendale said they promote adoption as a loving option, too.

“It’s not giving up on this child, but it’s making the decision that I can’t raise this child,” she said. “I want this child to have two loving parents, a mom and a dad, that will raise this child with love.”

Her organization also works with 40 Days for Life to hold prayer vigils outside the abortion facility whenever it is open, according to Live Action.

Coykendall said they strive to love every person that they come into contact with, not judge them.

“We’re here to love everybody that comes there,” she said. “We’re here to love the workers, the girls that go in for birth control, the women that are going for abortions, the dads, the grandmas, the friends, and to give them the proof about how abortion is not the only solution.”

All across the country, pro-life advocates run organizations like the House for Life, pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies and more to serve mothers, fathers and babies. According to an analysis by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, pregnancy resource centers have helped save more than 800,000 unborn babies from abortion since 2016. The research found these organizations served about 2 million people in 2019, providing more than 730,000 pregnancy tests, nearly half a million ultrasounds, 1.3 million packs of diapers and more than 2 million baby outfits.