Hispanics Leaving Democrat Party in Record Numbers Because It’s Radically Pro-Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 12, 2022   |   8:53AM   |   Washington, DC

Hispanic voters are tired of being taken for granted by Democratic Party leaders who won’t consider or represent their views.

Many have quit the party in the past decade as Democrat lawmakers embrace an increasingly radical pro-abortion position, and new polls show it.

“The Biden regime is completely out of touch and pandering to Hispanic voters instead of actually getting real about the issues that, just like you and I, everyone else in America that we actually care about,” Jessica Anderson of Heritage Action for America told CBN News this week.

Anderson said the Democratic Party has been taking Hispanic voters for granted, treating them “like a voting bloc,” “a one size fits all rubber stamp” rather than addressing their concerns.

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A new poll from NBC News/Telemundo found a 21-percent drop in support for Democrats among Hispanic voters. Although Hispanics still support Democrat candidates by 54 percent, compared to 33 percent for Republicans, that gap is significantly smaller than it was ten years ago, according to the poll.

Some say the party’s increasingly radical pro-abortion agenda is a big factor. Ted Harvey, a former Colorado state senator, told CBN News that very few Americans believe abortions should be legal up to birth.

“You see the Democrats that are passing radical abortion laws in California and Colorado and New York that say that you can kill seven-pound babies right up to the point of birth,” Harvey said. “Your average, hard-working Hispanic, Catholic out there does not approve of that. Your African American hard-working African Americans don’t approve of that. That’s a radical, extreme policy. And that’s what the Democrat Party is pushing left and right.”

Democrat leaders want to force taxpayers to fund elective abortions and get rid of parental consent for minors, too – even though polls consistently show strong public support for these common-sense abortion restrictions.

Economic troubles appear to be the biggest reasons why Hispanic voters are moving to the right politically, but polls suggest the Democrat Party position calling for legalized abortions through all nine months, funded by taxpayers, also is turning away voters.

A May poll from Trafalgar found 64 percent of Hispanic Americans believe most or all abortions should be illegal, compared to 58 percent of the general population. In 2021, another poll from the University of Houston/Texas Southern University found 58 percent of Hispanic/Latino Texans support heartbeat laws that protect unborn babies by banning abortions once their heartbeat is detectable.

Townhall accused party leadership of “political blindness” as Democratic candidates focus heavily on abortion leading up to the November midterms.

“Are they willfully ignorant, or do they just not care? Maybe it’s a toxic combination of both, but whatever the case—the Democrats have decided to go full-send on abortion even when polls suggest that it’s an issue that’s no election winner,” Townhall writer Matt Vespa commented.

He pointed to two recent polls by Monmouth University and Cygal that found less than 10 percent of voters consider abortion the most important issue in the upcoming election. Most voters prioritize the economy, inflation, crime and other issues.

Another interesting bit of polling, CBN noticed that the Democratic Party is increasingly made up of rich, college-educated white women. According to the report: “An NBC News poll shows Democrats with a whopping 38-point lead among women with college degrees. That’s up from 10 points in 2010.”

For decades, Democrat leaders promoted themselves as the party of minorities, the working class and the most vulnerable. But their radical abortion advocacy is abandoning all three.