Democrat Supports Abortions Up to Birth But Compares Pro-Life Republicans to Islamic Terrorists

National   |   Brad Wilmouth   |   Oct 12, 2022   |   9:30AM   |   Washington, DC

On Monday afternoon, MSNBC host Katy Tur offered a friendly forum to Louisiana Democrat Senate candidate Luke Mixon, who’s running against Republican Sen. John Kennedy. It’s a kind gesture considering Mixon’s trailing by 40 points. 

Nevertheless, Tur allowed him to compare Republicans to Muslim extremists he fought in Mideast during his career as a Navy fighter pilot. Tur set up the segment by asserting that Louisiana Democrats are more “right-leaning” compared to national Democrats, particularly on abortion:

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, Luke Mixon, is challenging incumbent Senator John Kennedy in a red state. Most Democratic voters in Louisiana are right-leaning compared to the national party. And voters in the state are historically not in favor of abortion rights. But, after Dobbs, even in Louisiana, Democrats like Mixon are leaning in to the abortion fight.

She then played a clip of Mixon speaking in one of his recent ads: “Now, I’m fighting extremism here at home, running against Senator Kennedy because forcing rape victims to give birth and risking women’s lives are not the American values I fought to defend. I’ll vote to codify Roe and protect women’s health care.

The MSNBC host brought aboard the Louisiana Democrat, noting that Senator Kennedy declined to come on the show (shocker!), and then began by asking about changing his views on abortion from the past. Mixon tried to claim he’s “pro-life,” but he wants to “codify” Roe vs. Wade like every abortion-on-demand Democrat.

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In his response, Mixon alluded back to his ad and repeated the claim that he is fighting “extremism” in the U.S. after fighting it overseas:

I spent most of my life fighting extremism overseas, but now we have to fight it here at home. And after Roe was overturned — which Senator Kennedy obviously supported — we’ve seen these dangerous and extreme laws being passed in states like Louisiana where victims of rape and incest are being forced to give birth. And we’re just threatening women’s health care. And those are not the values I fought to defend, and I would certainly vote to codify Roe to protect women’s health care.

Tur gave no pushback and imagined that perhaps Louisiana voterrs are more pro-abortion than their reputation: “So Kansas is a deep, deep red state, and they voted to protect abortion — the voters in that state did. Are you — the polling doesn’t show you doing so well against Senator Kennedy. Do you believe that maybe there is a groundswell that hasn’t been counted out there by pollsters?”

In his response, Mixon attacked Senator Kennedy for a recent ad:

Senator Kennedy is the only Senator who voted to overturn our election. He voted against an infrastructure bill — an infrastructure that Louisiana is in desperate need of. And I don’t know if you’ve seen his latest ad here in Louisiana — he’s telling people to call a crackhead if they’re in trouble. He’s using that same rhetoric that people like Tommy Tuberville and Marjorie Taylor Greene are using. It’s hateful — it’s disgraceful — I won’t stand for it — and it doesn’t represent the values of Louisiana.

As Tur wrapped up the segment, she did not add context that Senator Kennedy’s ad was aimed at liberals who have spouted anti-police sentiments, helping drive up crime, and only vaguely admitted she had seen the ad.

SENATOR JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA) (from ad): Violent crime is surging in Louisiana. Woke leaders blame the police. I blame the criminals. A mom should not have to look over her shoulder when she’s pumping gas. I voted against the early release of violent criminals, and I opposed defunding the police. Look, if you hate cops just because they’re cops, the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead. I’m John Kennedy, and I approve this message.

This softball interview with a Democrat candidate was sponsored in part by Liberty Mutual and Subway. Their contact information is linked. Note: Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst for the Media Research Center and a graduate of the University of Virginia. This column originally appeared on the NewsBusters web site and is reprinted with permission.