Bernie Sanders and James Carville: Democrats Will Lose if We Just Promote Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 12, 2022   |   9:02AM   |   Washington, DC

Even U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks Democrat candidates are too focused on abortion.

And it may cost them control of Congress this fall.

Recent warnings from Sanders, Democrat strategist James Carville and others are reinforcing what pro-life advocates have been saying for quite a while now: The Democratic Party is way too extreme and out of touch with Americans on abortion.

Democrat Party leaders want to force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth and force taxpayers to pay for their deaths. Politicians also want to get rid of informed consent and parental consent laws, and medical leaders warn that their policies could force doctors and Catholic hospitals to participate in abortions.

Sanders, a pro-abortion Democrat socialist from Vermont, agrees with Democrat leaders on the abortion issue, but he at least seems to recognize that voters are more concerned about other things.

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In an op-ed in The Guardian on Monday, Sanders said Democrat candidates are focusing too heavily on abortion and not enough on the economy leading up to the mid-term election in November. He blamed “establishment consultants” and pro-abortion political groups for leading candidates astray.

“This is a fight that most Americans want us to wage and, given the Republicans’ extremist position on the issue, makes them genuinely vulnerable,” Sanders wrote. However, the senator said he is “alarmed to hear the advice that many Democratic candidates are getting from establishment consultants and directors of well-funded Super PACs that the closing argument of Democrats should focus only on abortion.”

Democrat candidates have been focusing heavily on abortion this year; they already spent an “unprecedented” $124 million on pro-abortion election advertising, according to a new Associated Press report. And the year is not over yet.

Jessica Floyd, president of the pro-abortion American Bridge PAC, told the AP that her group believes the abortion issue will be a “powerful motivator” for voters to elect Democrats this fall.

But, like Sanders, Democrat strategist James Carville expressed doubts about the strategy. According to Hot Air, Carville said most Americans are not single-issue voters, and Democrat candidates are not addressing other important issues like the economy, inflation and crime.

He also blamed political abortion advocacy consultants for their tunnel-vision influence on candidates.

“A lot of these consultants think if all we do is run abortion spots that will win for us. I don’t think so,” Carville told the AP. “It’s a good issue. But if you just sit there and they’re pummeling you on crime and pummeling you on the cost of living, you’ve got to be more aggressive than just yelling abortion every other word.”

Political workers among the grassroots are not seeing enthusiasm for Democrats’ abortion agenda either. According to the AP:

Yusette Solomon, a canvasser for [Nevada’s] powerful pro-Democrat Culinary Workers union, said he doesn’t hear much about abortion when talking to voters. Instead, the 47-year-old hotel utility porter said, the state’s economic challenges remain a constant concern.

It’s hard for everybody,” he said. “It’s the supermarket. It’s gas. Inflation is something we need to deal with. Everyone’s feeling it.”

Among Democrat lawmakers’ top priorities is a radical pro-abortion bill nicknamed the Abortion Without Limits Up to Birth Act. The legislation, the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), would force states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth, end bans on sex-selection and taxpayer-funded abortions, and get rid of laws requiring parental consent and informed consent.

Polls consistently show a strong majority of Americans oppose such extreme pro-abortion measures.