Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Care That More Black Babies are Killed in Abortions Than Born Alive

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 10, 2022   |   10:06AM   |   Washington, DC

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams ignored a question Sunday about the tragic fact that more unborn black babies are aborted in New York City than are born alive.

Fox News Sunday anchor Shannon Bream confronted the Democrat candidate with the statistics after celebrity Kanye West, or Ye, exposed it in a recent interview, according to Biz Pac Review.

Bream said U.S. Census and health data shows black women make up about 13.6 percent of the population but have about 38 percent of all abortions, and New York City health data confirms West’s statement about more black babies being aborted than born in the city.

“Do you share Ye’s concern that black Americans are disproportionately impacted, he says, by abortion?” Bream asked.

Abrams, who is pro-abortion and African American, did not want to discuss babies in the womb, however. She did not answer Bream’s question, and instead attacked her political opponent, Gov. Brian Kemp, for his pro-life actions.

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“I share the concern of women across the state of Georgia that they are being denied access to medical care, that in the state of Georgia, black women are the most likely to die of maternal mortality issues because they’re denied access to health care under this governor before they get pregnant,” she said.

Abrams insisted several times that abortion is “health care” and even called it “sacrosanct,” telling Bream, “For black women in particular, but women writ large, the right to control our bodies, the right to our medical care should be sacrosanct.”

She claimed Georgia is hurting women with its new heartbeat law, and, if elected, she will repeal it.

The pro-life law prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. In 2020, 31,248 unborn babies were aborted in Georgia, according to state health department data. More than 60 percent were aborted after six weeks of pregnancy, meaning the law is saving tens of thousands of babies’ lives every year.

But Abrams claimed women do not know they are pregnant at six weeks of pregnancy.

“We know that in Brian Kemp’s Georgia, a black woman faces a lethal choice, and that is to either have a crystal ball and know she’s pregnant before she can actually know or face forced pregnancy with very little support,” she told Bream.

Kemp’s administration and pro-life advocates are providing support to pregnant women and their families. As part of the heartbeat law, the state now allows unborn babies to be claimed as dependents on taxes and pregnant mothers to collect child support before their baby is born. Pro-life advocates run pregnancy centers and other charities that provide material and emotional support, too.

What’s more, tens of thousands of doctors confirm that babies in the womb are valuable human beings and abortion is not health care. Some also have been pointing to research that abortions may be more dangerous for pregnant mothers than childbirth.

But Abrams insisted that abortions are health care, and, when Bream asked if she supports any limits on late-term abortions, she did not name any. Abrams said abortions should be between a woman and her doctor.

The Georgia Democrat’s position on abortion is radical and bizarre. In September, Abrams claimed an unborn baby’s heartbeat is a “manufactured sound” created to control women, prompting wide-spread criticism.

“There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks,” she said in the video. “It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

Polls show Americans are pro-life on abortion, and a recent national poll found 75 percent of Americans essentially agree with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.