Poll: 75% of Americans Want Abortion Limits, Just 19% Back Democrat View of Abortions Up to Birth

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 7, 2022   |   11:40AM   |   Washington, DC

A new national poll shows Americans want sensible limits on abortion and reject the view of Joe Biden and virtually all Democrats of legalizing abortions up to birth.

American Principles Project (APP) and The Clapham Group released results from a poll of voters in six states with races for open Senate seats, covering topics such as paid family leave, child tax credit expansion, and abortion.

When it comes to abortion, 75.8% of voters indicated support for abortion restrictions, compared to just 19.3% who supported the Democratic position of legal abortion in all circumstances up until the moment of birth.

The survey, conducted by SPRY Strategies, polled 1,329 registered voters in Alabama, North Carolina, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. The poll was conducted by IVR, live landline, and online mobile interviews from September 17-20 and has a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points. Some key results include:

  • High Cost of Living, Abortion, and Crime Top Voter Concerns: 40.7% of voters ranked the “Higher Cost of Living” as the most or second-most concerning issue, compared to 37.3% citing “Crime and Public Safety,” and 32.5% citing “Abortion.” 26.2% of voters ranked the cost of living as the most concerning issue, followed by “Abortion” with 19.4%.
  • Voters Support Pro-Family Economic Policies: Across the board, voters express support for a number of pro-family economic policies. 71.8% of voters support a federal paid family leave plan, 77% of voters support ensuring the State Children’s Health Insurance Program covers prenatal care, and 66.4% support increasing the child tax credit above the current $2,000.

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Jon Schweppe, policy director at American Principles Project (APP), emailed LifeNews on the results:

“It’s clear that Republicans have a winning message on abortion, if they’re willing to take it up: end late-term abortions and provide parents and children with the resources they need. Nearly two-thirds of voters support an abortion policy at least as restrictive as Senator Graham’s 15-week bill, while only a fifth support a policy like the Democrats’ misnamed Women’s Health Protection Act.

“Voters also overwhelmingly back a wide array of pro-family economic proposals, with huge support even among voters motivated by economic concerns. Republicans should bolster their pro-life messaging by signing on to commonsense policies such as paid family leave, expanding the child tax credit, or ensuring that CHIP covers prenatal care.

“Abortion isn’t going away as an election issue, no matter how much certain GOP strategists wish it would. But Republicans have the advantage if they’re willing to fight. The only losing move is not to play.”

The poll confirms over a dozen recent polls showing Americans are pro-life.