Kari Lake Condemns Abortion: “We Will Never Stop Fighting for the Unborn”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 30, 2022   |   3:51PM   |   Washington, DC

When it comes to the gubernatorial race in Arizona, there are two very different candidates. Democrat Katie Hobbs supports abortions up to birth, but Kari lake is pro-life and wants to protect women and unborn children.

Lake says she has always been consistently pro-life but called out Hobbs for trying to hide her radical pro-abortion views.

“I support saving as many lives as possible. What I really want to know, and I’ve been waiting, I tune into you guys all the time, is I want to know where Katie Hobbs stands,” Lake explained to  local television station.

Meanwhile, lake has released a new television commercial making her pro-life views clear — saying “We will never stop fighting for the unborn.”

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The ad is a response to the massive spending from pro-abortion Democrats.

Pro-life Republican candidates including Tudor Dixon in Michigan, Kari Lake in Arizona, Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania and Scott Jensen in Minnesota are targets of others in key swing states, but Democrats are running ads in pro-abortion states like New York, too, the report continues.

Here’s more from the report:

They have spent more than $2 million on ads targeting Senator Ron Johnson, Republican of Wisconsin, for his position on abortion; $1.6 million on ads against Mehmet Oz, the Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania; and $1.8 million on Adam Laxalt, the Republican Senate nominee in Nevada who recently wrote an op-ed defending his stance on the issue.

More abortion ads have aired in the Senate races in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Arizona and Washington — and even in Connecticut and Maryland, two states with secure Democratic incumbents.

Democrats hope their candidates’ pro-abortion position will be a winning issue with voters in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, because, on issues like the economy, they are floundering.