Woman Who Regretted Abortion, Contemplated Suicide Finds Hope and Healing in Christ

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 27, 2022   |   11:31AM   |   Washington, DC

Kimberly Smithers became suicidal after her abortion.

Growing up in an abusive home and then foster care, Smithers told God TV she was desperately seeking love in all the wrong places, and her life was a disaster. She cut herself and tried to suffocate herself, and turned to drugs to deaden the pain.

Finally, years later, Smithers, a mother of three, read a book that introduced her to Jesus, and it changed her life. She said Christ healed and forgave her, and she found the love in him that she had been seeking all her life.

According to the report, Smithers grew up suffering physical and verbal abuse from both her parents. She did not even have a bed; she slept on a cardboard box. Eventually, she was placed in foster care.

In high school, she said she craved love and affection, and sought it in boys. Smithers became pregnant for the first time at age 15 and gave birth to her oldest child. However, she and her boyfriend broke up a short time later, and she turned to other men for affection.

“I was so obsessed with him because I really, really wanted him to love me,” she told CBN about her first boyfriend. “I was looking so much for love and acceptance.”

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Here’s more from God TV:

Every time Kimberly broke up with a guy, she would get violent. Because each one of them didn’t meet her expectations to fill the void in her heart. Until one day, she got pregnant again with her new boyfriend. However, her drug-addicted partner didn’t want the baby. So, she went through with an abortion, which became her life’s breaking point. She felt devastated and regretted it.

“It made me feel dead inside,” she said. “I felt terrible. … That’s when I started doing drugs with him.”

She said she also cut herself and tried to suffocate herself because she could not deal with the pain of aborting her child.

Years went by, and Smithers’ drug addiction connected her to dangerous gangs. One night, she said she almost died when a rival gang began hunting for her. She remembered praying to God to spare her life, and she believes he did.

After that night, she said she realized that she needed to change her life and went to the library in search of a self-help book. She told CBN that a Christian book caught her eye, and, as she read it, she began to recognize Jesus’ love for her.

“I started just crying, and I saw the clouds part like he was showing himself to me. I want to know this Jesus,” she said.

Smithers quit doing drugs and found a church where she was baptized, according to the report. Later, she met her husband there, and he adopted her children, according to the report.

“Nothing could compare to God’s love,” she said. “Even as I look back in those hard times, in those places, the Lord was there. It’s just beautiful that he loves us so much.”