Doug Mastriano Slams Joe Biden’s FBI for Raiding Pro-Life Pastor’s Home

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 25, 2022   |   10:46AM   |   Washington, DC

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, who is the Republican candidate for governor of his home state, has blasted Joe Biden’s FBI and Department of Justice for raiding the home of a pro-life pastor and arresting him in front of her crying children on bogus charges.

Biden’s FBI has raided the home of a well-known pro-life advocate and arrested him on a bogus charge that had already been thrown out of court.

Mark Houck, a father of seven, is frequently seen sidewalk counseling in front of Philadelphia abortion businesses to help women choose pro-life alternatives. However, because a federal law protects access to abortion businesses, Houck was charged with violating it after a minor altercation where he shoved an abortion facility employee who was intimidating his son.

For some reason, even though the charge was dropped over the summer, DOJ decided now was a good time to target Houck, raid his home and arrest him in front of his distressed children.

According to his wife, 25-30 armed FBI agents raided their home at 7:05 a.m. His wife said they entered the home and pointed rifles at them as their kids began screaming. His wife and kids watched and they arrested Mark.

That was too much for Mastriano.

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“The continued weaponization of the FBI and persecution of Biden’s DOJ against ordinary Americans is an outrage,” he said in a statement. It continued:

“This morning, a heavily armed SWAT team of dozens of FBI agents raided the home of Mark Houck of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with his wife and terrified children inside over a case that was long thrown out by the District Court in Philadelphia. Mark and Ryan-Marie Houck’s seven children were traumatized and in tears as they witnessed their parents held at gunpoint and their father hauled away in handcuffs.

“Citizens across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania join me in expressing our outrage at this early-morning raid executed on a young family. This show of force carried out by the Biden regime against ordinary Americans is an abuse of power that stands against the fundamental principles on which our country was founded.

“As Governor, I will not allow the police state of Joe Biden to enforce his persecution against his political enemies on sacred Pennsylvania soil. Not on my watch.”

The Houck family has also released a public statement and said the children have been severely traumatized by the raid.:

“There must have been 15 marked and unmarked units on my yard.  As I opened the door with my hands raised, all I could see was two AR15s pointed directly at me,” Mr. Houck said.  “All my children were asleep when the sirens were lit up and the doorbell rung multiple times with yelling and pounding on the the door at 7 AM.  My children were terrified, traumatized and victimized,”

The statement continued: “My family and I are very grateful for all the support both financially and emotionally as we begin to process the next steps in this journey.  It’s going to be a long legal battle and a heavy cross to bear but God’s grace is sufficient and we will get through this,” Houck said. The family is looking into therapeutic recovery options for their traumatized children.

The Houck family is now panicked about what will happen to Mark from here. A GiveSendGo has been set up to help raise funds to support them and to assist with Mark’s legal defense.