Joy Behar Compares Pro-Life Americans to Men in Iran Subjugating Women

National   |   Nicholas Fondacaro   |   Sep 23, 2022   |   5:10PM   |   Washington, DC

On Friday’s edition of The View, the broken clock struck correctly as the ABC cast railed against the oppressive and murderous regime in Iran and promoted the nationwide protests there after a woman named Mahsa Amini was brutally killed by the country’s morality police for not wearing a hijab/headscarf correctly. But the moment was spoiled by co-host Joy Behar who had to cram in abortion, warning that America was on its way to becoming Iran.

The conversation was also spurred on by CNN chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour losing an interview in New York City with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi because she refused to wear a hijab.

“And I think it was an act of solidarity with what is going on in Iran, and we should all be standing in solidarity with what’s going on in Iran,” self-proclaimed Republican co-host Ana Navarro touted Amanpour.

Behar immediately jumped in to suggest America was barreling toward becoming an oppressive theocracy too. But Navarro wasn’t having it:

BEHAR: Well, we should be standing in solidarity in this country for men who are trying to control us with their abortion laws.

NAVARRO: Let’s not make that comparison.

BEHAR: Why not?

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NAVARRO: Because those women over there are getting killed.

“I’m not saying they’re equivalent. I’m just saying we need to watch what’s going on in our own country too because these men will try to control women,” Behar insisted. “I agree, but to me, they’re very different conversations,” Navarro added before co-host “Sunny Hostin” interrupted to distract from that point.

Despite playing a soundbite of Amanpour saying “I have never been asked by any Iranian president – and I have interviewed every single one of them since 1995 – either inside or outside Iran, never been asked to wear a head scarf,” the panel failed to mention that in a recent 60 Minutes interview with Raisi, CBS journalist Lesley Stahl capitulated to the head scarf demand and more.

“I was told how to dress, not to sit before he did, and not to interrupt him,” Stahl admitted to her audience on Sunday.

Now imagine if Stahl had admitted to doing all that for former President Trump. The View segment would be about how Stahl is a traitor to women. This is an example of how media capitulation to murderous regimes isn’t condemned yet the defiance is praised. So, they should be criticizing Stahl especially since she was in Iran after Amini was killed.

Lest you get the wrong impression that Navarro was being reasonable on Friday as, earlier in the show. she flipped out on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for helping to transport illegal immigrants to liberal cities. “That is inhumane. It is unconscionable. It is heartless, it is cruel, and I will tell you what: it is It the not Christian! So, for all of those Republicans including Ron DeSantis telling me he is putting on his armor of God, how dare you bring up Christian values,” she screamed.

NewsBusters readers might remember that Navarro once compared creepy porn lawyer and convicted felon Michael Avenatti to “The Holy Spirit.” So, she really shouldn’t be arguing about what’s Christian-like.

LifeNews Note: Nicholas Fondacaro writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.