Pope Benedict Condemns “Intrinsic Evil” of Abortion: It’s an “Attack on Human Life”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 21, 2022   |   9:10AM   |   Washington, DC

During his time as the leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict was a consistent pro-life voice condemning the evil of abortion. In comments posted on Twitter this morning Pope Benedict reminded people that abortion is evil and an attack on human life.

He made it clear that children are a blessing and a treasure.

“Children truly are the family’s greatest treasure and most precious good. Consequently, everyone must be helped to become aware of the intrinsic evil of the crime of abortion,” the former pontiff said. “In attacking human life in its very first stages, it is also an aggression against society itself.”

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His comments come just one week after the latest remarks from Pope Benedict condemning abortion.

Last week, he told the world that “unborn children” are “sacrificed on the altar of profit.”

“Each day children, born and unborn, migrants and elderly persons, are discarded. Many brothers and sisters die sacrificed on the altar of profit, amid indifference,” the leader of the Catholic Church tweeted this morning. “Yet every human being is sacred. It is the task of religions to remind the world of this!”

The comments follow on those Pope Francis made this summer, when he criticized Joe Biden, saying it’s “incoherent” for Biden to claim he is a “faithful” Catholic but support killing babies in abortions.

The pontiff’s comments about the financial inactivation of abortion are timely given the recent annual report from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business.

It was another record year for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Although Planned Parenthood bills itself as a woman’s health organization, in reality, it is little more than an abortion business.

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Its 2020 annual report, released this week, shows it aborted 383,460 babies, an increase of almost 30,000 babies killed in abortions compared to the year before. In 2019 the abortion giant killed 354,871 babies in abortions.

That means Planned Parenthood killed 1,050 babies in abortions every single day — even though the abortion giant claims its main focus is merely women’s health care. In other words, Planned Parenthood kills one baby in an abortion every 82 seconds.

Meanwhile, the “nonprofit” abortion business made more money than every before — bringing in $1,714.4 billion income, aided in part by $633.4 million in taxpayer dollars.

While Planned Parenthood kills more babies in abortions, the number of abortions in the United States increased just 2%— making it so Planned Parenthood is doing a larger and larger percentage of all the abortions done on babies in the U.S. ever year. With the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute estimating 930,160 abortions, this means Planned Parenthood kills 41% of all babies killed in abortions in the United States.