14-Year-Old Rejected Abortion After Seeing an Ultrasound, Here’s Her Daughter Now

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 21, 2022   |   1:34PM   |   Washington, DC

High school student Zayda Carpenter thought her life was ruined when she saw the double-pink lines on a pregnancy test at age 14.

In a column at The Federalist this week, Carpenter said she and her boyfriend Cole went from worrying about their first day of high school, homework and extracurricular activities to panicking about becoming teenage parents.

That first pregnancy test caused so much fear. Then, an ultrasound changed their entire perspective, and they chose life for their baby girl.

Thinking back to three years ago, Carpenter said the moment that she found out she was pregnant was terrifying, and her and her boyfriend’s thoughts soon turned to abortion.

“We certainly hadn’t been expecting to be thrust into adulthood so soon, the jarring double pink lines on my pregnancy test leaving us in shock,” she remembered.

In their young minds, abortion was just a “vague” concept that they had never really thought much about.

“Why should we? We were only 14,” Carpenter said. “My horseback riding and Cole’s visits to the gym were far more relevant to our daily concerns than the divisive moral and political debate over abortion.”

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But when Carpenter’s grandmother found out, she encouraged them to visit Reliance, a local pregnancy resource center. And that visit saved their daughter’s life.

Carpenter said she panicked while she was waiting for an ultrasound, thinking about if her boyfriend dumped her or her parents refused to help her.

“I can’t keep this baby, I thought,” she remembered. “Then I saw something moving on the black screen and my heart nearly stopped. I saw arms and legs moving slowly, and the side profile of a tiny baby’s face — my baby’s face.

“’That’s my baby!’ I thought in shock. Suddenly nothing else mattered except that tiny, beautiful, moving baby on the screen. That was my baby, and I was her mother. How could I do anything but love and protect her?” she continued.

Soon, she discovered that her fears were unfounded. Her family and boyfriend supported her and her daughter, and the pro-life women at Reliance helped them along every step of the way.

“I couldn’t have managed my pregnancy and beyond without the women at Reliance, who … helped to lighten our burden as young parents,” Carpenter said.

Today, their daughter Delia is 2 1/2 years old and thriving. Often, Carpenter said she looks into her daughter’s bright little eyes and remembers that her life is worth all the sacrifices.

“The journey has been extremely difficult at times, but I am constantly reminded that it is worth it when I see the joy and love in Delia’s eyes and the way that her life has inspired Cole and me,” she said.