Women Do Regret Their Abortions, And Their Voices Deserve to be Heard

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Sep 19, 2022   |   2:36PM   |   Washington, DC

The Pennsylvania March for Life in Harrisburg on September 19, 2022, carries on a special tradition within the pro-life movement.

The tradition goes back to Nellie Gray who, upon hearing in 2003 that there was a new mobilization of mom s and dads who had lost children to abortion, welcomed them to share their testimonies as part of the annual March for Life in Washington, DC.

Over the years, Nellie had the brave men and women of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign stand on the rally stage behind the speakers, holding their signs that say, “I Regret My Abortion” or “I Regret Lost Fatherhood.”

This created an effective visual that countered the narrative of the Left that abortion is a benefit to women. The effect was even more powerful when it came time for one or more of them to share their four-minute testimony, and the crowd heard of the lies these moms and dads were told, the despicable ways they were abused verbally and physically in the “safe and legal” abortion clinic, the pain of the procedure, and the way their lives spiraled out of control in destructive despair – locked in silence and shame – after the abortion.

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign – which is not an organization, but a joint, interdenominational project of two national pro-life groups, Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life – seeks to warn people of the devastation abortion brings, and helps those who have experienced it to discern whether or not they are called to share their testimonies. By so doing, they are helping dissuade others from ever going down that road.

Moreover, they are a clear sign of hope for those still locked in the despair of abortion. The testimonies of those who are Silent No More, which can be found at www.AbortionTestimonies.com, always contain the story of how these Moms and Dads found hope and healing in God, in the Church, in the pro-life movement, and in the many ministries for healing after abortion, like Rachel’s Vineyard. These testimonies show that a person is not defined by his or her abortion, and that even though their child’s life ended, God still has a plan for their own lives and wants them to live that plan in hope, healing and peace.

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Nellie Gray knew that on the day abortions cease, the process of healing will have just begun. That is why, as a “closing act” of the March for Life, she invited marchers to pause at the US Supreme Court and listen to more of the testimonies of those who were involved in abortion. these testimonies – not only of Moms and Dads, but also of grandparents, siblings, friends, and former abortionists and clinic workers – would proceed for hours in front of the steps of the Court.

This has continued, from 2003 to this day, and has also been adopted by the Walk for Life West Coast on an annual basis. It is also an integral part of the Pennsylvania March for Life this year. Indeed, the gatherings in which these testimonies are given take place throughout the year at events large and small, in Churches, and in the media.

Pennsylvania is a key battleground for the pro-life movement.  It is from that Commonwealth that arose the Casey decision, which almost overturned Roe back in 1992 and which showed that significant restrictions on abortion could be upheld on a state level.

Both organizations that created and operate Silent No More have key bases in Pennsylvania, as does Rachel’s Vineyard (a ministry of Priests for Life), the largest ministry in the world for healing after abortion.

And in the upcoming midterm elections, Pennsylvania will play a key role, most significantly in its gubernatorial race and also in returning control of the US Senate to pro-life hands. It is more urgent than ever for Pennsylvania voters to be aware of how their choices at the voting booth will help determine whether countless men and women experience or escape the devastation that follows abortion.

I am grateful to Janet Morana and Georgette Forney, who co-founded Silent No More. As the Pastoral Director of this worldwide mobilization, I thank the Pennsylvania March for Life for giving so many people the chance to listen to, learn from, and share these testimonies.

As Christ Jesus himself is the testimony of the Father, and his disciples have given testimony to him throughout the centuries, so may these voices of testimony hasten the full blossoming of the Culture of Life!