Joe Biden Says Killing Babies in Abortions Promotes “Equality”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 16, 2022   |   10:56AM   |   Washington, DC

Joe Biden posted a message on twitter today making the absurd claim that killing babies in abortions helps promote equality.

Roe v. Wade reaffirmed the basic principle of equality – the right of each of us to choose how to live our lives,” Biden claimed.

But killing a baby is the ultimate denial of equality that permanently destroys their ability to live their lives. it denies that human beings have equal rights by virtual of the fat that we are all human beings because it denies the humanity of unborn children and their inherent right to life.

Biden continued by making a second absurd claim.

A nationwide abortion ban is dangerous. Not just for choice, but for the personal autonomy of every American,” he added.

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Biden’s remarks in reference to the 15-week abortion ban that Senator Lindsey graham sponsored. Biden mischaracterizes the pro-life measure as a full abortion ban in an attempt to make prohibiting late and late-term abortions look extreme even though the extreme position is his: supporting abortions up to birth.

And the ban on late abortions is not dangerous, because it literally protects a baby from an abortion, which is dangerous because it kills children and sometimes also kills or injures the mother.

The good news is Americans know abortion is dangerous, not saving babies from abortions and that Biden’s position is extreme.

A national poll conducted by Harvard University and the Harris polling firm confirms that Americans essentially support the Supreme Curt overturning Roe v. Wade and want heartbeat laws that protect babies from abortions when their hearts begin beating.

poll shows 75% of Americans agree that the Supreme Court should not be deciding abortions, with 44% saying states should determine abortion laws and 31% saying Congress should do so.  Just 25% of those polled agree with Roe, which mandated that only the Supreme Court should decide the issue of abortion.

The poll found 37% would ban abortion entirely with only rape and incest exceptions while another 49% support a heartbeat law banning aboritons after 6 weeks. Meanwhile, 72% support banning abortions after 15 weeks — which was the Mississippi law the Supreme Court considered.

When it comes to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelsoi and the Democrat position of abortions up to birth, just 10% of Americans agree with their position. And despite the Democrat manta in the two weeks after Dobbs that the Supreme Court is not legitimate, some 63% say SCOTUS is legitimate and 59% say it’s wrong for Democrats to make that claim.

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Finally, the poll found 36% of Americans say the Dobbs decision makes them more likely to vote Republican, 36% say it makes them more likely to vote Democrat and the rest say there is no change. Thus there is no massive pro-abortion bounce for Democrats following the Dobbs ruling.